Registry cleaner

  123joey123 12:07 19 Oct 2007

Anyone know a good freeware registry cleaner? Lots on the internet claim to be freeware but when downloaded there's usually a snag.

  crosstrainer 12:11 19 Oct 2007

Use this

click here

But be careful, it is a powerful app, so examine what it's going to delete before you click the clean button!

  birdface 12:22 19 Oct 2007

You can use Winaso registry Optimizer trial edition.It will only repair 10 items at a time, But you can run it as often as you like. it also has a registry defrag with it if you want to use here

  wee eddie 12:56 19 Oct 2007

I use RegScrubXP. How ever I am no expert.

It appears to do a job and has caused me no problems so far

  VideoSentry 13:42 19 Oct 2007

CCleaner has one that works for Me ( or at least it has not bust anything!)

  snoopygirl 13:46 19 Oct 2007

works great for me to cccleaner

  stylehurst 13:55 19 Oct 2007

Have a look at Eusing Free Reg Cleaner it works well, but like all others check what it proposes to clean up.

  keef66 14:05 19 Oct 2007

I have been merrily deleting all that CCleaner identifies for several years without mishap. I recommend it to people on a regular basis.

  Ventad 14:08 19 Oct 2007

ccleaner has worked for me I used to use ccleaners backup but has always worked so now I hardly bother backing up unless there is a load of bits and peices

  123joey123 14:11 19 Oct 2007

Thanks all. That's great

  cocteau48 16:21 19 Oct 2007

An interesting point!
Yesterday I uninstalled Quicktime and replaced it with Quicktime Alternative.
I then did a registry sweep to find what Qucktime may have left behind.
CCleaner and Advanced Windows Care came up with virtually nothing.
The deep scan function of WinASO came up with over 570 redundant Quicktime related entries. Not wanting to run the prog 58 times to clear these at ten a time I also tried Reg Mechanic (I still have the freebie of version 5) and the deep scan function of that also came up with the same 570 Quicktime related entries.
It would appear on that basis that the much praised CCleaner and AWC are but scratching the surface.

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