Registry, Burners and Media Center Problems

  adopted.son 22:06 11 Nov 2008

Upon the advice of our dear friend Skidzy, I'm beginning a new thread in hopes of seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
In the beginning, I bought a Refurb'd Gateway w/XP Media Center ver. 2002 in hopes of owning a hot rod computer on which to write and record music. (Ha!)
It has the Pent D 2.8 GHz CPU, .99G RAM, 181G HDD. I use iTunes for my primary media player and Magix Music Maker for my primary DAW.
This whole delimma began when I bought an M-Audio Midisport Uno and attempted to install its driver. Media Center does not support third-party sound devices.
I sought advice here (see my posted threads for history) on how to disable WMCE but haven't been able to carry out that action because of the issue of Windows not recognizing my burner so as to back up the registry to disc.
Here again, I sought advice and followed the instructions to uninstall and reboot the driver. No joy. I ran a dma reset fix I linked to from here. No joy still. (I haven't fooled with my registry due to a healthy fear of really mucking things up.)
When I launch iTunes, I get an error saying the drivers for ripping and burning are missing from the registry and I should reinstall. I did. No joy.
Every time I place a disc in the drive, "InCD" tells me it has encountered a problem and needs to close. I don't know what InCD is.
I resorted to installing my old Nero Express so I can burn my projects.
It won't burn PowerPoint presentations though, which brings me back round to the original problem of my HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H11N which is "enabled" and alleged to be "working properly" according to its properties window.
So in a nutshell, I need to back up my registry and edit it to disable WMCE but cannot because the computer doesn't think I have a burner installed.
The same burner drive that works fine with Nero except for PPT files.
The same burner that USED to work with iTunes until I installed Nero. The same burner that tells me to put a blank cd in when there's one already there.
I'm now going to uninstall Nero and iTunes and the cd/dvd rw driver and reboot.
I'm also looking into registry tools.
I'm open to email Q & A to resolve this rather lengthy issue.
Peace and blessings to all!
Eric, St Pete FLA,
Yank Noob in trouble again :-D

  skidzy 22:18 11 Nov 2008

adopted.son i have absolutely no idea how all this works ( M-Audio Midisport Uno ) however it does look like you are going to need something like Audacity click here for your music.

It seems you have a lot going on here and to be honest im just trying to understand it.

First thing is stay out of the registry for now untill we can find some options for you.

I think i would start by creating a new user account with full admin rights.

And install your software that is needed and only that.

Try that and see what happens.

Sorry not a lot of use for now and others may have a better idea for you.

  adopted.son 22:42 11 Nov 2008

It's basically this: I want to edit my registry but can't back it up because the computer doesn't recognize its burner.
My security hasn't detected anything afoul, either.

  MAT ALAN 22:46 11 Nov 2008

Editing your registry is not the way to go and if you do it wrong you could render your PC useless..

InCD has ben known to cause issues and i think your problem lies in that direction, If you have the option to uninstall Nero then reinstall WITHOUT the InCD capability, it may help...

  MAT ALAN 22:52 11 Nov 2008

Nero and powerpoint are also not the happiest of partnerships....

you could try...

save your powerpoint as jpeg files (a powerpoint "Save As" option), you can then add each slide in as a media file in the "Make Photo Slide Show (DVD)" option.

This works in Nero7.

  skidzy 22:52 11 Nov 2008

Ok,if you wish to back up the registry,try this;

On your desktop,right click and select NEW/folder and name REG

Now goto start/run and type REGEDIT

File / Import

Navigate to your new desktop folder called REG and select save.

Does this backup your registry.

System Restore will also backup your registry if you create a new restore point.

1. Click Start, click Run, type %SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and then click OK.
2. On the Welcome to System Restore page, click Create a restore point, and then click Next .
3. On the Create a Restore Point page, type a name for the restore point and then click Create
4. After the restore point has been created, click Close.

  adopted.son 22:52 11 Nov 2008

hi. thanks. i found incd in search but it's not in the program files found in the add/remove section of the control panel.
will research more to find out if i even need it. i don't know how to make apps stop running unless i want them to. yet. i'm just a musician, not a computer guy.
i will edit the registry to kill wmce, though, when i can do so safely. as seen above, wmce won't let me use midi devices or different sound cards or any "third-party sound devices."

  skidzy 22:55 11 Nov 2008

Hello me ol mucker,cheers for the help mate,im a wee bit lost.
I am thinking these burning apps maybe causing a registry conflict but would expect to see an error code or two.

  MAT ALAN 22:59 11 Nov 2008

Disable WMCE...

* Right click on your my computer icon, left click on manage. A computer manager window will then pop up. Double click on services and applications icon in the right hand box. Then double click on the services icon in the right hand box.
* Now that you have the services menu up and running scroll all the way down to the W’s. You will see several services that start with “windows media center”
* there will be a windows media center extender service, a media center scheduler service, a media center service launcher, a media center receiver server, etc.
* right click on each media center service, then left click on properties.
* once your in the properties windows, you’ll be on the very first tab, the “general” tab.
* there will be a section that says “startup” it will be a drop down menu box. click the drop down box and select disable.
* Now just do that for each and every single media center service.
* reboot windows and you will now have media center disabled


Go to Start then run and enter msconfig. Go to the Startup tab and uncheck
the eh* services.

  adopted.son 23:00 11 Nov 2008

backup the reg like you suggested- it's almost the same as the guided help help. i just wasn't sure that not having a hard copy was a possibility. like i said, i fear the registry. probably unwarranted fear though?
mat: yeah, the ppt was a side issue i discovered that added to my aggrivation. LOL!
i uploaded to authorpoint a file w/ audio and all i get is a silent movie. LOL! a problem to tackle another time, tho'.

  MAT ALAN 23:01 11 Nov 2008

Hey skidz, me to, not fully au fait with this but have known of InCD to be more bad than good won't hurt to eliminate it from the equation tho...

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