NSBT 15:40 03 Dec 2007


My AOL seems to be corrupted somewhere, AOL, suggest deleting AOL from the registry, I've used CC, is this what they mean?


  exodus 16:09 03 Dec 2007

Hi, how did you use CCleaner?
Was it just to remove the program and then a registry clean?


  NSBT 16:27 03 Dec 2007

Hi Exo

Yes, this is my problem, I have Virgin BB as my ISP although I do have AOL.

Aol rides piggy bank over Virgin, I have this for over 15 months with no problems

However, the last 3 weeks, I'm unable to access AOL software, at step 3 (password) AOL freezes.

I have uninstalled / reinstalled, I don't know how many times, AOL suggest using a manual installation i.e disc which I have done, however, it still freezes at the password stage.

AOL have suggested me contacting Virgin tech support as it's a problem within the Virgin software.

I've called Virgin tech support (25ppm) they say it's aol software.

I'm just going round in circles, AOL tech support I need to clean my registry, as although I've uninstalled AOL< there could be something left within the registry.

For those that may be curious why I have Virgin and AOL, AOL is free, and some sites will not accept hotmail /yahoo addresses.

  rawprawn 19:04 03 Dec 2007

Have you uninstalled AOL using Add/remove programs, and then run CCleaner, reboot and reinstall?
If that doesn't work, try using windows Install Clean up click here

  exodus 19:44 03 Dec 2007

Hi, do you use a modem or router?

As Virgin is your broadband ISP, then how do you use AOL as free?

I do not use AOL so I am just trying to understand what you are doing or trying to achieve before offering any solutions. I was under the impression that AOL provided their own sort of browser and broadband connection, which is clearly not the case in your setup.


  NSBT 19:53 03 Dec 2007

Hi rawpan

I’ve done all those suggestions, several times, even inserted a new AOL disc, yet cannot log onto AOL.

If I use AOL.UK from Google, I can access my emails using my password with no problems, it’s only when trying to access AOL it’s freezes at step 3, checking password.


AOL rides piggy bank over Virgin, as I do not have a BT landline, aol cannot offer me BB.

I’ve always had AOL, when I changed from dial up to BB with then Telewest, I called to cancel my AOL subscription, AOL offered me the free service, as I say which rides piggy bank over Virgin.

  woodchip 20:03 03 Dec 2007

Go to Run, Type Regedit press enter, Go to Edit in the Menu then click Find type AOL before you click the Enter key make sure that you click at the my computer Icon at the top on the left then press enter. Make sure that it is AOL you delete and not part of a Word or Program, Do not Remove anything Else. After Deleting First Entry Click F3 to go to next do this until you have gone through the Reistry, I repeat do not touch anything else as your Computer may not work If you do

  exodus 20:09 03 Dec 2007

Hi, I do not use either company.
Surely, as Telewest is part of Virgin Media then Virgin are providing the broadband connection.

I do not follow how AOL can offer a "piggy back" connection. You must be merely using the AOL browser.
Just trying to clarify your setup as at the moment I can't see the purpose of AOL and its use.

There again, I might just be having a bad moment!


  NSBT 20:20 03 Dec 2007

Hi Exo

OK, let me try and explain, I use my AOL address for various forums, when registering on those forums, they do not allow hotmail / yahoo addresses.

I could use my Virgin email account, however, I detest the virgin email software.

I trust this explains any confusion I may have created

Hi Woodchip

I'll follow your advice, and post the outcome, cheers

  exodus 21:22 03 Dec 2007

Hi, I think I am getting there.

As you appear to be merely use your AOL email address, then do you actually need to have any AOL software installed. Could you not just set the AOL ISP mail settings as an account within your mail provider program or is AOL still that inflexible? I know their software was be a bit different and non conformist when compared to others.

If you do actually require AOL, then having removed it via Add/Remove and all entries in the registry, you will need to install it again.

As to detesting the Virgin email software, can't you just use any mail program of your choice such as OE or Thunderbird or have I missed your point again?


  NSBT 22:49 03 Dec 2007

Hello Exo

I’ve no idea how to set up my AOL ISP mail settings as an account within your mail provider program.

I know I’ll have to reinstall AOL again, tbh, I’ve had enough of it.

As for your message “can't you just use any mail program of your choice such as OE or Thunderbird or have I missed your point again”

I’ve no idea how to do that, and whether or not those programmes would be legate for certain forums, as I say, some forums I use, prevent registration from hotmail / yahoo address.

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