Les 17:49 07 Mar 2007

Having solved the case of the missing 'L' drive I have moved the other problem to this post.

I have done an inspection of the Registry and see that there is an entry for Codemasters, under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE. i assume that Codemasters is the key and the items listed under that - the sub-key7 In that sub key are references to files on the 'L' drive - the 'L' drive is now an external drive and the files pointed to in the sub key no longer exist at all. I wish to remove these references so that I can reinstall my program, for, at present, it will not allow me to do this. Question is - is it safe to remove the item Codemasters (and so the sub key) from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE?

  SANTOS7 18:21 07 Mar 2007

Make a backup of your registry first, which you should do anyway, delete the reg keys you want and see what happens...

  Les 19:22 07 Mar 2007

In a worse case scenario where I delete Toca on my main machine and I cannot get into windows at all - how would I restore the Registry Backup.

When you make a system restore point does that automatically backup you registry?

When you backup the registry I assume that you give the file an obvious filename and place it in the 'C' drive.

I have an old computer with the 98SE OS, and it is my intention to have a giddle with that first. So, tomorrow, I will do the experimenting on that first. I have one of Toca programs on that and I will try deleting that and see what happens. The OS can easily be reinstalled on this should anything go amiss.

  Les 19:24 07 Mar 2007

should be fiddle! 8-))

  skidzy 19:33 07 Mar 2007

When backing up the registry click here

You may find running ccleaner under issues will pick up the subkey if its obsolete,this will verify its safe to remove the value and entry.
Ccleaner has its own restore/backup if you do have a problem once this has been here

  Les 21:03 07 Mar 2007

I've just tried CCleaner - it found lots of things but not the one I needed - it has, however, backed up the registry.

  skidzy 21:11 07 Mar 2007

Les,i would still export a copy of the registry to your desktop and rename this before you tinker with certain entries.
Better to be safe than realllllllllly sorry !!

Do not rely on system restore,especially when editing the registry.

  Les 21:32 07 Mar 2007

received and understood. I have, in fact, two copies. CCleaner made one, Guided Help made the other. I'm copying them to a flash drive. I'll still do my preliminary testing on the old computer. As yopu can see Skidzy, your warning is being heeded! 8-))

  skidzy 22:05 07 Mar 2007

If only i practiced my own advice at times Les..Lol :-))
Best of luck.

  Les 23:25 07 Mar 2007

me too!

I'll post when I have the nerve to start, but what works (or doesn't, as the case may be) on the old computer stands a good chance on the new, albeit different OS's (98 SE and XP) - I suspect that they are not different where the registry is concerned - but I've been wrong before <g>

  Les 13:06 08 Mar 2007

Well - I've hooked up the old computer, deleted certain programs by simply erasing the folder containing them.

The layout of the 98 registry does vary slightly from that in XP but still able to find the program names listed, albeit under slightly different headings. I found one of the program I had just deleted and, without opening the keys under the one found I deleted it. Rebooted, no bother. I repeated the process with another program. again no bother.

I am about to try this on the computer I am using to get rid of references to Codemasters. If I don't come back then I give my thanks to those who have helped me so far...... 8-)

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