Registering/activating MS Office

  Clapton is God 12:37 27 Jun 2008

I have the CDs for MS Office 2003 which I purchased as a 'standalone' version about 3 years ago and installed onto a laptop.

That laptop has now gone to laptop heaven and I've purchased a replacement laptop.

Having installed that same copy of Office onto the new laptop, I'm being asked to register/activate it online before I can use it.

As I'm installing onto a second (albeit replacement) machine will registration be a problem?

  PO79 13:12 27 Jun 2008

Shouldn't be a problem. I've installed\re-installed my retail version of Office XP Many times, usually it activates via the net, and occasionally requires a phone call to MS on the free phone number. If you explain it's only on one PC they are quite accommodating.

  ventanas 13:59 27 Jun 2008

There should be no problem whatsoever. I've moved retail versions between machines often. Thay have always activated.

  crosstrainer 14:31 27 Jun 2008

The activation may fail online, but speking to Microsoft on the phone and expaining the situation should be fine.

  crosstrainer 14:32 27 Jun 2008

speking? = speaking :)

  Clapton is God 14:49 27 Jun 2008

Thanks for your replies.

Haven't yet installed my ISP's software onto the new lappie - but as soon as I do (this weekend) I'll try to activate online

  Woolwell 14:50 27 Jun 2008

I have activated Office 2003 on 3 PC's in the last month. 2 died - last one ok (I hope!). On one instance I couldn't automatically activate on-line instead the activation process gave me a very long sequence and a number to ring. I had to put this sequence in using my phone key pad and in return I was given the activation code. No human intervention. The process went well.

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