Registering Software with IBM/Lotus

  TonyV 18:51 25 Nov 2005

I have bought a copy of Lotus SmartSuite 9.8, and also 9.8.1. (It was thought that an update from my original 9.0.1 was overdue.) Two copies of the 9.8.1 were returned to the retailer because according to IBM it is only an OEM version and you need 9.8 to install it correctly. Also once it was installed, there was no way it could be Registered with IBM/Lotus. So, having returned the two versions of 9.8.1 because they both failed in the same way, I then got a retail copy of 9.8. This also fails to register, and this message comes up during the so-called registration process - "You see this message because your browser does not support automatic redirection handling." The registration process takes place immediately after installation.

How do I rectify this? IBM seem to have no answer what ever, and are loathe to offer anything other than an automated response to e mails to ring a particular number. If you ring this number you will end up with a lemon!

Perhaps some one out there has an answer!



  woodchip 18:56 25 Nov 2005

Sorry cannot help but I think Lotus is a bit long in the tooth, and IBM seem not much interested other than collecting the loot

  TonyV 19:09 25 Nov 2005

Yes, you are right, but it is still a good suite of programmes and Approach is far easier to use than Access. I don't use it much these days but would like to think that at least IBM could act a bit more responsibly, or alternatively take the Suite off the Marketplace altogether. That way the problem then would go away!! Even their site is so cumbersome I defy anyone to find a topic they are looking for.



  woodchip 19:12 25 Nov 2005

The problem with Lotus is Incompatibility. Unless they have sorted the problem as other suites cannot open them. Like Word Pro docs

  TonyV 19:30 25 Nov 2005

Again, true, but you can save WordPro documents as Word Documents that will open OK in Word, but Word will not open LWP documents!

  TonyV 16:22 26 Nov 2005

So how do I get to correct this message in IE6? "You see this message because your browser does not support automatic redirection handling."

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