Registering a domain who's registration's expired

  Red Devil 12:30 22 Nov 2005

Hi gang,

I am setting up - yet another - website as I found what I think is quite a high profile domain available and think it was too good an opportunity to miss not to register it and set up a website. The domain also has the benefit of being on a subject matter that I have quite an interest in.

I also did a search for domain names that are similar and that can be expected to be entered as a URL or as web search engine entries. Out of the 3 names I entered, 2 are free and I registered those as well.

The 3rd is unavailable even though it's registration ran out 5 days ago.

Is there any particular reason why this domain should be unavailable? Is there a grace period, perhaps, once a domain registration has expired to allow for the current registrant to re-register it or would it be down to some other reason.

Finally, when can I expect this domain to become available for me to appply to register it should the current registrant not renew it?


  spuds 18:35 24 Nov 2005

Normally there is a breathing space between registration run outs,and when they become available on the open market again. Domain brokers could possibly obtain the domain for you, but it may not come cheap.

Contact click here for further advice.

  Red Devil 18:03 01 Dec 2005

And, if I've read it correctly, it will be 90 days from the expiry of the registration before it comes up for grabs.

Once a registration's expired, the domain is suspended for 30 days.

When a domain is suspended it's suspended for 60 days and then the registration is canclled.

At any stage of the process until the domain is cancelled, the registrant can renew their domain. Looks like I've got a bit of a wait. The domain's registration expired 2 weeks ago. 76 days and counting!

  spuds 16:09 02 Dec 2005

If you have really set your mind on the domain,why don't you make a slight alteration to it, and see if you can then register it. Waiting 76 days could be a fruitless task, with the present owner or domain broker getting in there first, and perhaps leaving you still searching.

  Red Devil 17:11 02 Dec 2005

I already have.

There were 4 domain names that I was interested in. 2 were free and 2 were already registered. I've now registered the ones that were free but I'd also like to add the domain that's expired.

It isn't vital so I won't have any sleppless nights over it but it *would* be nice if I could add this domain in the not too dinstant future.

The 4th one will go begging, though, as it's got quite a long time left on it's registration.

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