regisry editors

  ajs160n 14:20 04 Oct 2009

Windows tells us the registry should be left alone-- am I likely to do more harm than good if I use a registry editor?

  rawprawn 14:26 04 Oct 2009

If you are not sure what you are doing the registry is best left alone.
click here used in default settings is OK ro clean the registry occasionally.

  DieSse 14:32 04 Oct 2009

"am I likely to do more harm than good if I use a registry editor?"

Like most things - it depends why you are editing the registry.

There are some specific issues that arise where editing the registry will be needed. So it begs the question - what issue do you have that needs the registry to be edited?

It's like any other task - why do it unless you need to - and if you need to, then you'll have to.

  ajs160n 14:34 04 Oct 2009

Sorry,when I said registry editor I actually meant registry cleaner.

  DieSse 14:40 04 Oct 2009

I use Wise Registry Cleaner from time to time. It's conservative, and does proper backups. It doesn't mess my working system up, and usually perks up the performance a little (the first time I used it it made a substantial difference).

I do install, uninstall and generally "mess about" with my system a fair bit. I can't guarantee it will not mess up your system - but, as I said it does do backups.

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