Region free DVD-Rom drive?

  tomhealy 09:53 03 Sep 2003

I have just flashed the firmware on my Samsung SD616Q to turn the drive apparently region free (RPC-1?). This was confirmed by a couple of programs off the net such as CDVDInfo.

However, in device manager on WinXP it says the drive has just one change of region left, even though it has not yet been changed by me.

Does this mena that the next time i want to watch 'The Matrix' (the only non-Region 2 DVD i have), the PC will be stuck on that DVD's region?

How does the drive itself being region free affect the use of programs like Powerdvd?

  moore_mat 10:30 03 Sep 2003

There are two levels of region protection here. The first is at the drive level - this would lock a drive to only play certain regions, which you have corrected.
The other level is at the operating system/software level. XP has it's own limit in place to stop you changing as it's "Media Player" can play DVD's.

To get around this, you need a region free utility. Try click here as a start, or try searching for "region free" at some download sites ( e.g or search engines (e.g. )

This kind of software sits in the system tray and will kick in when you load a DVD, therefore allowing you to play any region.



  BigMoFoT 11:20 03 Sep 2003

DVD Genie - you could use this pogram to change the region of the software before you play a film. Even though there is an RPC level of 1 for the drive your playback software (PowerDVD, WinDVD for example) will also have some region control. The Windows side of things is irrelevant here in my experience unless you are playing DVD's with Media PLayer in which you would still need a 3rd party DVD decoder installed.

  tomhealy 12:05 03 Sep 2003

Have downloaded DVDGenie but was waiting to see how the windows thing was going to affect it before using it.

I have PowerDVD XP installed but use Media Player for DVD's at the moment cos I have sound problems with powerdvd (background music sounds fine but the actors voices are muffled!?), so i'll have to be careful i guess

  Chegs ® 12:21 03 Sep 2003

I find that ANY of the software DVD players struggle with the audio(musics loud and clear)I also find TV progs are the same,progs audio is quiet,the ads rattle the speakers.I have several DVD's and I generally run the "Subtitles" else I haven't the faintest idea whats being said.Even home-made DVD's I have to run the audio track thru a "Normaliser" to boost quiet audio and reduce loud sounds.

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