RegCure has found 287 errors problem.

  Me&U22 13:36 22 Jul 2007

Hi all,
I'm currently using windows 98 computer, ive done a quick search throughout RegCure. it founds 287 problems errors and its ensure me that those problems errors needs to be fix. but at the same time it ask me to pay for it.

i'm wondering if you knew any sor of errors fixer for free. i would be much appreciate if you could help me with the above request.



  Graham. 13:45 22 Jul 2007

Don't pay! Use RegSeeker - find it in PCA Downloads. These programs always find hundreds the first time.

  €dstowe 13:50 22 Jul 2007

If your computer is working OK, ignore all of the panic messages - especially if they are expecting you to pay.

This sort of panic-ware either introduces errors into systems or, more often, reports on errors that don't exist.

If you really want to fiddle around like this, get a well known and reliable program such as is suggested by Graham for free - it will be just as good and probably better than the one you are using at the moment. As least it won't ask you to pay money to fix whatever it finds.

  audeal 13:52 22 Jul 2007

I don't know the program but it sounds like one of those programs that tell you that you are in trouble and you need to pay a sum of money for them to get you out of it.

My suggestion is to avoid them like the plague as it is a scam to frighten you into paying them for nothing. I am pretty sure you do not have those problems that it claims you have.

What scanners do you have installed, for example, do you have "Ad-aware", or "Spybot S&D", as these are the most likely programs to sort you out and, of course, Free.

  birdface 14:17 22 Jul 2007

Try this Optimizer click here use the trial version.It will only clear 10 items at a time,But you can run it as often as you like.

  Me&U22 15:03 22 Jul 2007

Thanks alot all for replayin,

at first my computer is ok no problem with it, but when i did the quick search via REGCURE it showed me that 287 errors needs to be fix, but at the same time my PC is working perfect!!.

about which software i'm using it at the moment is spyboot.

so my question is. do i need to be worried about those errors? or shell i leave them as used to be?

Thanks in advance


  €dstowe 15:34 22 Jul 2007

Do a scan with one of the suggested scanners. If that comes up with anything untoward come back here and ask about it.

Be careful not to delete things willy-nilly, you could cause damage to a system in perfect working order.

There are several opinions on whether you should clean out the registry. I think you should leave well alone IF everything is working OK. Clearing the registry of obsolete items doesn't achieve very much, if anything apart from a sense of satisfaction in yourself of having done something. Registry files are small so you won't gain much extra space by removing them so, just leave them as they are.

It is a different matter, of course, if you have registry problems but, again, don't do things without forethought. There are a number of experts here (not me) who will be able to work things out with you.

  Graham. 18:07 22 Jul 2007

See this site for rogue spyware programs click here

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