Pugster 17:51 29 Jul 2007

Could someone tell me if it would be wise to purchase the full version of RegCure or is there a better or cheaper (maybe free that I can download) version?

  Kate B 17:56 29 Jul 2007

I wouldn't install anything that messed with my registry - get it wrong and you have a broken installation of Windows on your hands; and I certainly wouldn't pay for any app that messed with my registry. If you haven't already installed it, CCcleaner click here will clear out any rubbish without damaging your registry.

  bluto1 21:37 29 Jul 2007

A few years ago I installed RegScrubXP on my PC and it's still there. I yse it about every 6 to 8 weeks and it has never done my PC any harm. The route to it is to type RegScrubXP into your browser and have a look at it.

  TERLARK 17:33 29 Sep 2007

i purchased regcure a few months ago and didnt find anything different to that of system mechanic,as i only had it for a couple of days i asked for my money back,as i was well within my rights to do so, as it said(money back guarentee if not saticfied).
i did not receive my money nore did i get a response.all i am saying is BEWARE of handing your money out...

  pselvaman 20:23 19 Feb 2008

I loaded software for a new HP WIFI printer C7280 that has caused all kinds of problems and errors, I finally got everything resolved and then the printer uninstalled itself overnight. I loaded a HP fix which didn't sort things out so they recommended a microsoft fix click here this caused terrible problkems Windows live messenger no longer runs I get all kinds of this program is not responding messages on shut down. Searching the web seemed to indicate a registry problem as uninstalling and reinstalling messenger didn't solve it. I purchased regcure and it found 1040 faults. I ran fix the PC ran no better, so I tried reboot, I had treble the number of not responding messages and on start up a serious windows prolem due to no language support. Searching google indicated others had had the same when an unamed registry cleaner had deleted essential files used by XP. I have restored to an earlier date and asked for my money back, I hope with more luck than your other respondent. Beware

  birdface 09:08 20 Feb 2008

Try Winaso Optimizer here This will only repair 10 items at a time but you can use it as often as you does an automatic back up and also has a registry defrag with it that you can use.It will speed up your computer and with C cleaner that Kate B recommended used alternatively work well together. And to Kate B nice to see you back I was just wondering where you had disappeared to.

  Informed1 15:44 09 May 2008

If you want a free registry cleaner, CCleaner would be the best choice from what I have used and read about in reviews. If you want to use RegCure, unless you use the full version, all the free version will do is let you know what it wants to clean for you. It won't actually clean them until you buy the full version. Now, with that said I think RegCure is a fairly reliable product. I recently bought it from click here and it has worked good for me. Who knows, I might still ask for a refund though! lol

  birdface 16:52 09 May 2008

Well someone else pushing RegCure this makes interesting reading for anyone thinking about using here We have a few on here trying to push it no doubt for financial gain.But maybe if you google it you may think differently about downloading it.

  oldwoman 15:57 03 Feb 2009

Tried to purchase Regcure by Paretologic but I did not get a Licence Key. They had no problem in taking my money via Paypal using the payment collection company SafeCart but neither Paretologic or SafeCart will respond to any of my requests for a refund. For Regcure read REGCON!

  Kevscar1 06:53 05 Feb 2009

I use the one included with CCcleaner. It does a backup but I have never had to restore the registry in 5 years.

  jameskern 13:32 07 May 2009

You know.... CCleaner doesn't actually do as much as you might think. Because it's free, I've found that it doesn't actually clear the problems you would expect. Instead, it goes all egotistic and tries to "wow" you with fidning the most problems on your PC. This can inadvertenly mean that you delete some good files too.

I've found that RegCure works the best and because it has a backup facility, it's a god way to help you get your system back on track safely.

I found it at this site: click here

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