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  sungod 23:46 17 Aug 2003

i recently had to do a full format on my hard drive due to a virus,after re-installing windows i checked the size of my hard drive and found i had lost 4.5GB just from installing windows xp and no other software.
my question is how do i get the 4.5GB back
i installed win 98 then updated with xp
can anyone help..


  temp003 03:41 18 Aug 2003

There may or may not be anything wrong, depending what figures you are talking about.

Can you tell us (1) what the hard size is according to the hdd manufacturer (2) what Windows says about the capacity of your C drive or hard disk in My Computer or Explorer, and (3) what Windows says about the the amount of disk space "Used" on the hard disk?

For example, if the manufacturer says the hard disk size is 60GB, then in Windows, the capacity of the disk will only show as about 55.8 GB. That is normal. (divide the manufacturer's size by 1.024 three times).

Then if you upgrade 98 to xp, assuming that you did not change the default option of backing up the old 98 OS files, that would account for some more used space.

XP also set a minimum and maximum size for the pagefile, which by default is (I think) 1.5 times and 3 times respectively the amount of your RAM memory. If you have 256MB RAM, the pagefile will have a minimum of 384MB and a max of 768MB. The pagefile size will also be included in the "Used" disk space. You can check the pagefile size (or virtual memory) by right clicking My Computer, select properties, Advanced tab, and Performance Options.

Then if you install sp1 or sp1a, certain old xp files will also be backed up.

I don't know how much space an XP installation plus a 98 backup will take up, but I doubt it will take 4.5GB (excluding programs), if 4.5GB is the actual "Used" disk space.

Post back if you do think there is something wrong.

  temp003 03:52 18 Aug 2003

click here for instructions on how to remove 98 backed up files.

  sungod 08:41 19 Aug 2003

i have a maxtor 40GB hard drive which before i had to format windows used to show me with 38.2GB after i had installed the operating system.
but considering win 98 only uses 272MB i am not too bothered about the back up file,but i have uninstalled it just in case.
i have a 256 DDRAM stick installed.
i checked my computer and windows says the capacity of my hard drive is 37.2GB which went down to 35.2 after a clean install of the operating system.

  temp003 17:20 19 Aug 2003

37.2 GB is the correct capacity in Windows for a 40GB hdd.

So the actual "used" disk space is 2 GB. The recommended free disk space for installing XP is 1.5GB (doesn't mean it will take up the whole of 1.5GB). XP is large but 2GB sounds a bit high for a bare installation with no programs and updates.

  .dave 17:26 19 Aug 2003

You may have unwittingly partitioned the drive

Go to disk management in computer management to see if you have any space at the end of your drive

  sungod 01:14 20 Aug 2003

hello .dave i went to the disk management and it shows no other partition.
i think this is one of those problems that won't get is a puzzle thats for sure because something is using that space and the question is what..???
other than that the computer works fine.

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