reg mechanic V regseeker

  brigtoo 19:41 26 Jan 2007

i have reg mechanic which has found, during a scan, one item for repair, a missing or broken shortcut. in the interest of curiousity, i down loaded regseeker and ran a scan. it found over 110 items consisting of "unused open with entries", "extension not used", and "invalid active x/COM entry (CSLID)" all in red and a few items ( 96) in green which i deleted. how can i know which is the best product and is it safe to delete the items in red in regseeker, and if safe why didnt reg mechanic find them especially the items in green.

  cocteau48 19:54 26 Jan 2007

I use Reg Mechanic and have total confidence in it.
I tried RegscubXP which was so vigorous it required a system restore in safe mode to get me back in business. Also tried regseeker and even only deleting the green items it was found to be far too vigorous for my system.
Just out of interest I recently downloaded and ran 4 of the "paid for" registry cleaners which you can find on the net. You know,the ones which will only fix about 15 items,and you have to buy the prog to get the rest removed.
I deleted nothing with each trial run and all four came up with four wildly different sets of results.
That alone tells me that there is a lot of myth and scaremongering going on with many of these progs.

  Diversion 19:59 26 Jan 2007

I would be very cautious about using Registry Mechanic v5 or v6, the last time that I used it; it was deleting files from my system restore which made system restore unusable just a word of warning.

  brigtoo 20:02 26 Jan 2007

i used to have regscrubxp before i went to reg mechanic and it never caused me a bit of trouble, in fact it very rarely found anything at all. i agree with you with the myths and scaremongering, it all smells of fraud to me.

  brigtoo 20:07 26 Jan 2007

Diversion, after your posting im now nearly in a blind panic, as i have version, which ive paid for. have you managed to restore the system restore function.

  Diversion 20:41 26 Jan 2007

No I turned system restore off because I couldn't get any restore points that would work but the damage had already been done. I've just had to do a clean installation of my operating system; the best person to ask on this forum is VoG as he highly recommends Registry Mechanic. And I bought it because he recommended it, and he's one of the best advises on this forum. But Registry Mechanic makes restore points before deleting the files and you have the option of restoring any files deleted. There are that many software firms out there trying to force their products onto you, I too agree with cocteau48 it's hard to pick a program that takes only the un-needed files from your system. But if you checked the files that Registry Mechanic was deleting it included all the help files from various programs, which in my case included all the help files from Microsoft's Office 2003.

  VoG II 20:50 26 Jan 2007

Whichever registry cleaner that you use (if any) you have to apply a degree of common sense and review what it is going to 'fix' before clicking the fix button.

I used to swear by RegscrubXP but it is now rather old and it erroneously deletes entries relating to FlashPlayer. I don't use it anymore.

I now use Registry Mechanic 6 and I find it excellent. It isn't free but version 5 is click here

It is actually debatable whether you need these programs at all because Windows XP is so stable that it can cope with invalid registry entries. But I like to run a tidy ship.

  Input Overload 20:59 26 Jan 2007

click here RegSupreme or RegSupreme Pro, I have used these for some years without any problems, they will also attempt to repair the entries rather than just deleting.

  Angry Kid 21:18 26 Jan 2007

I bought this after using the free trial.

click here

Angry ;)

  brigtoo 21:36 26 Jan 2007

ive found this site click here which contains reviews of and rates a number of reg utilities. i think ill change my forum name to "confused of durham". like vog, i like to have a tidy pc but is there a danger of it becoming a phobia due to the fear of trojans , virus etc. and is this not what some of the more doubtful retailers of magic fixes rely on. 22:58 26 Jan 2007

can be set to create a system restore point before it deletes any files. I have it set to automatially do this.

It's the best reg clean up app I have found so far.

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