Refreshing Helproom page.

  Sapins 12:55 09 Apr 2004

Now I have broadband and leave it on 24/24 does the PCA site automatically refresh the pages or do I have to do it manually?



  VoG II 12:58 09 Apr 2004

I assume you mean you are leaving your browser on logged-into the PCA site?

You have to refresh it manually unless you have a browser like Opera that can be set to update at fixed intervals.

  Sapins 13:08 09 Apr 2004

Thanks VoG™, yes I leave the PCA site open all the time.

  VoG II 13:09 09 Apr 2004

And I thought *I* was addicted. LOL!

  Indigo 1 13:13 09 Apr 2004

Leaving a page open 24/7 would surely affect the bandwidth of the site wouldn't it ?

I mean, I think it is best if you log off when finished so that you are not slowing it down unnecessarily.

I am remembering the days before the recent site move when things got a little bogged down at times due to the huge number of people logged on.

  Sapins 13:22 09 Apr 2004

Which brings me to another question. Does it do any harm to log on to another site while waiting for the first one to load?

Not only addicted but impatient as well ;-)

  Sapins 13:23 09 Apr 2004

Hi Indigo 1, never thought of that, now add selfish to the list :-((

  Sapins 13:30 09 Apr 2004

I do think that FE once mentioned something about Broadband users leaving the site "On", something to do with the number of times you log in and not complaining about it so maybe it is ok, I'll wait until next Easter when he should be off dial-up, LOL!

  Cesar 10:09 10 Apr 2004

now I now why you recently went to France to re-stock your cellar and why you get your replies in so fast, do you ever sleep?

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