Refresh Page with a new Image

  powerless 08:44 27 Jun 2004


Is it possible to have a page refresh itself and when it is refreshing download another image?

The images i want in an order and not random.

  powerless 05:20 28 Jun 2004

No one?

  harristweed 12:13 28 Jun 2004

Why do you need to refresh the page?

There are plent of free java scripts that will rotate images.

Try click here
as just one!

  tbh72 14:57 28 Jun 2004

FP has a feature for "Banner" management, this requires that the server has FPSE "Server Extension" installed. You can select the order, size etc that you want the images to appear.

  powerless 22:29 29 Jun 2004

I think i'll have to experiment!


  joel-london 01:33 30 Jun 2004

You could put a META refresh tag
to keep the page refreshing without user intervention.

combined with the script below which puts a different image everytime the page is loaded.

<!-- put this in the header -->

<script language="JavaScript">

<!-- Hide this script from old browsers -->

var imagenumber = 5 ;
var randomnumbera = Math.random() ;

var rand1 = Math.round( (imagenumber-1) * randomnumbera) + 1 ;

imagesa = new Array
imagesa[1] = "gg.jpg"
imagesa[2] = "cc.jpg"
imagesa[3] = "ee.jpg"
imagesa[4] = "ll.jpg"
imagesa[5] = "aax.jpg"
var imagea = imagesa[rand1]

// -- End Hiding Here -->


<!-- put this where you want the pictures displayed -->

<script language="JavaScript">

<!-- Hide this script from old browsers --

document.write('<IMG SRC="' + imagea + '" width="80" border="0" vspace="5"><br>')

// -- End Hiding Here -->


  Taran 08:34 30 Jun 2004

Using refresh can get your pages into trouble with search engines so be careful when deploying it.

As suggested by tbh72 you can use one of the built in FrontPage tools or any one of many JavaScripts. There are also lots of ASP and PHP scripts that can do the business if you host supports them as well as CGI scripts.

Take a look on for more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at.

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