Refresh a Page

  User-312386 11:14 12 Jun 2004

Hi all

I was wondering if a page could be automatically refreshed?

I do design a site for a friend and the page does not refresh automatically

How do you do it?

Thanks in advance

I am using Frontpage2003 and windows XP

  Pesala 16:31 12 Jun 2004

Is that what you mean? If you update the page your friend may still see the old cached page unless he refreshes his browser.

  User-312386 07:30 13 Jun 2004

I realise that

I want to know if there is any code that would refresh the page.

  powerless 21:21 13 Jun 2004
  User-312386 22:02 13 Jun 2004

many thanks mate

  User-312386 22:03 13 Jun 2004

many thanks mate

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