Reformatting Windows XP PRO

  XP Medic 21:01 25 May 2004

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to reformat windows xp pro with a recovery cdrom?

If so how do I do it?

  Old Shep 21:08 25 May 2004

This any good click here

  rômanab 21:12 25 May 2004

I have a Mesh recovery disc and reformated no prob.

This might also help, it's an excellent tutorial click here

  XP Medic 21:17 25 May 2004


Mine is a Mesh can you tell me how you managed it with the recovery disk?

  rômanab 22:01 25 May 2004

I rang Mesh on the number given on the front of the disc(0208 208 4791)for Mesh tech support, told them I wanted to do a clean install and they posted me full instructions which arrived in about three days.
You will find though that the process is no different from click here
I would post the instructions but it would take me forever so as I said your probably best off giving them a ring.

Oh, and don't forget to burn a copy of your drivers to cd for after your reinstall, these can be found on your c drive in a folder called, surprisingly, drivers

I hope this is of some help :O)

  woodchip 22:09 25 May 2004

If you have a Recovery CD you do not need to Format just run the CD by starting with it in the comp and it should restore the comp as when you bought it

  rômanab 18:16 26 May 2004

If you do just want to restore to factory settings you shouldn't need the cd at all as my hard drive has a recovery partition and as thier both Mesh I would imagine yours has too.
To enter the Mesh recovery wizard you need to start you computer then continuously tap F10 as soon as you see that your cd drives and hard drive have been detected.

You should then see NTDETECT........CHECKING HARDWARE followed by the MESH Computers system recovery wizard.

The option to return to factory settings is hidden, to access it you need to look at the image of a Mesh pc, below it should be a dot with a line going straight up to the image of the pc, you now need to hold down shift and left click the dot, then next, then when you see the option to restore to factory settings (should be red) click on the radio button next to it then next, all you need to do then is follow the wizard to completion which is very straight forward.........even I've managed it when I needed to get rid of blaster.

Anyway good luck on whatever you decide to do.

  XP Medic 21:41 26 May 2004

Thanks to all, I think I will go with the factory settings option.

Again many thanks to all

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