reformatting & re-installing windows xp.

  stumpy69 22:37 19 Jul 2004

My daughter has a Dell computer running win xp. Because of a virus that refuses to let her do any virus updates or scans (she's using Norton Int Sec 2004 and it wont even let her get onto their website), she's been advised to do a reformat & reinstall xp. The problem is she hasn't got a floppy drive so can't use a windows startup disk.The xp system disk she has is the 1 supplied by Dell. As I'm using Win Me myself I have no knowledge of xp at all.As Ive had to do a format & reinstall myself on my computer I got loads of help from you guys so I'm hoping someone will be able to help us novices again. Cheers.

  son-of-a-gun 22:42 19 Jul 2004

Hi stumpy69

Just put the XP disk in the drive and re-boot follow on screen instructions, you don't need a floppy boot up disk.

If you have two Hds in RAID you will need to request more help, if only one Hd which I suspect no problem.

  stumpy69 22:50 19 Jul 2004

Ok thanks, we'll give it a try.

  harps1h 23:04 19 Jul 2004

change the boot sequence so that first boot is the cdrom, second is the hdd and third is the floppy

  son-of-a-gun 23:38 19 Jul 2004

Hi stumpy69

You shouldn't need a floppy start up disk with Win ME either, the CD is self booting in the same manner as XP. I never used one when using ME

Hope it goes well

  son-of-a-gun 19:59 20 Jul 2004

Re ME I should have included

If your using an OEM version of ME like mine was if you allow it to boot to the opening screen which give's you the choice to
Reinstall sys fies
Quick format and re install windows
If you hit quit at this stage I'm sure you end up in a DOS screen that will allow you to Fdisk and format the Hd this is safer than doing the same from a floppy disk, because the CD if genuine will not contain a virus but a self made or Pro floppy disk could if the write protect tab is not left open.

  stumpy69 21:09 20 Jul 2004

The ME I had with my old Gateway computer was on one of their own (Gateway) disks and was no problem with formatting, you had three options,complete wipe out, wipe windows only and keep your files or installing windows on top of existing windows but this 1 I've got now was a boxed ME disk and came with a floppy bootup disk and thats the only way you could put it on. This XP my daughters got is an OEM version but wont boot up on its own so Shes going to have to go into bios and change the bootup sequence to the cd-rom drive and see how we go. Problem is I'm in England,she lives in Ireland and it's all by phone. Never mind,just keep trying.

  son-of-a-gun 23:35 20 Jul 2004

Quote "I'm in England,she lives in Ireland"
I agree thats a problem
When your sorted if your both are on broad band check this out might be of use, I have heard it's free of charge online phone call, you may have to search other area's for Skype

click here
I just spent nearly ten minutes on the phone to Paris, at a cost of about 10 pence. Using Skype, dialling a Paris landline number, that is. Any Skype user will tell you, you can't do that. You can only dial other Skype users. Well, not any more. OK, so it wasn't that secret: Niklas Zennstrom announced his plans for SkypeOut, which makes this possible, at VON Europe a couple of weeks back. But it wasn't released with much ballyhoo: so it is a surprise to find that if you download the latest version of Skype today, you'll get an extra feature on your screen; beta SkypeOut is there, and it works.

This means that mobile users can use Skype from public hotspots to place all their business calls, not just calls to other Skype users.

By the way, don't bother using the Skype "check for updates" option; it will tell you you have the latest version. You don't if you don't see the "dial" option on the home screen. Download again!

Really, Skype is an Instant Messenger - like MSN and AIM and YM - but instead of doing typewritten chat with voice as an optional extra, it does voice as its main function. At a point in history when Yahoo! appears to be throwing the plot away by abandoning its YM for corporate customers, Skype has expanded its offering.

The new feature couldn't be simpler: you give Skype money, and they connect you to phone numbers. All you need is a broadband connection, and a headset.

The file has been uploaded, and deployed on the web servers.

Hope this is of use

  kspatto 23:43 20 Jul 2004

sounds like you may have the blaster virus(if so cant understand why they are recommending a full restore ) if you have access to the internet download a small program called a stinger see click here copy it to disc (or floppy if small enough)
then once she has got shut of the virus tell her to download the latest patches at the windows update site (found at the top of your internet toolbar in tools)or try the larger pc stores the latest security patches are on disc and are free

ps you will need to turn off system restore as this will hold a copy of blaster otherwise(you can turn it back on afterwards)also if you decide to go the route of a full restore its a good idea to download the latest patches as soon as poss

best of luck

  kspatto 23:55 20 Jul 2004

sorry only just read that your trying a repair over the phone

can she get some one else to download the files or failing that with the security update pack there is a trial antivirus progam that will probably be more upto date than your daughters and should get rid of blaster
(you could get microsoft to post you one of these discs out for free dont know if still available?)


  stumpy69 06:40 26 Jul 2004

Hi,sorry I haven't got back to anyone but been very busy.We followed the advice to use stinger and it worked.She had the W32/bagle.n virus and over 500 files were infected.She was in the process of sorting it out and had to leave the room suddenly to use the toilet (pregnant) when her 2 1/2yr old walked in & decided to press some buttons.Alas she couldnt even get the thing to boot up after that so she had to do a reformat anyway.Following the advice we got from everyone I'm glad to say she's up and running and starting to load all her other stuff back on. So thanks everyone for your help. I've certainly learnt a few bits myself.Cheers.

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