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  badgerschuff 17:37 22 Jan 2005


I need to reformat my C Drive before reinstalling Windows XP, how do i safeguard all my installed programs? Is it possible to shunt them to my removable laptop drive and then copy them back to either the reformatted drive or my new additional hard drive?

I also need to install an additional hard drive so could i make the new drive the master drive instead and install Windows XP on this and transfer my previously installed programs and documents to the new master (C) Drive from the former C Drive without cocking up the registry?


  bremner 17:49 22 Jan 2005

The only way to copy the programs is by using a utility such as Ghost, TrueImage or one often supplied with the Hard Drive.

However these image/copy the whole partition including the O/S.

If you have many years of accumulated 'junk' on the old hard drive then that too will go onto the new drive.

It may be best to backup all important files and folders then undertake a clean install or O/S and programs.

  Jeffers22 17:56 22 Jan 2005

You will need to reinstall ALL programs that have any contact with the registry. No way out of that I'm afraid. As bremner says, make sure you backup all your data before formatting or you will lose the lot.

  badgerschuff 18:13 22 Jan 2005

The problem i have with re-installing some of my programs is that i have bought some downloads from the internet (such as Registry and Systems Mechanic and Norton Antivirus, how do i safeguard them or other downloaded programs such as Zone Alarm etc?


  Wuggy 19:41 22 Jan 2005

When a program installs it installs to a whole lot of other folders other than it's own folder, eg Windows folder, Registry etc. So if you simply copy a program's folder to a newly installed OS all the other bits get left behind and nothing works. If you intend to fit a new HDD make it the master (by setting the jumpers) and set the jumpers on your original HDD to slave. You can then install your OS to the new (master) drive. If, when you downloaded the programs you refer to, you saved the downloads on your original HDD you can then run the Setup for each program to re-install on new drive. Likewise you can copy across all documents and other files to your new C: drive. To be on the safe side - if you have a CD burner copy all the downloaded program files you wish to re-install to CDR and also copy over all the documents and info you wish to retain
(just in case) Once all programs installed and docs copied across you can then format your old drive and use for backups, storage etc. It might be a good idea to install a drive imaging program like Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost and make a complete image of your new drive which can be copied to your new backup drive when required. PC advisor gave away a copy of Acronis TrueImage 6 in a previous edition about April or May last year. It will work fine. In future all you need do is then restore the image and you'll have a ready made system, fully configured in about 25 minutes.

  badgerschuff 00:07 23 Jan 2005

Hi Wuggy,

I couln't get the Systems Mechanic to work, even after a fresh download (i had downloaded it onto my PC running Windows XP, burned it onto a cd and tried to run it on my daughter's PC running Windows 98)not all the functions worked. I will try again on my Laptop which does run XP. As for the Norton, i have bought from e bay this evening a updated version of Norton internet security so that can be freshly installed. Most of the other programs i have i can download of the internet for free so all that will cost me is time. Thanks for the tip about Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost, either one should do the trick.


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