Reformatting a logical partition with XP on it?

  Fiery251 14:28 20 Mar 2003

I've got my HD partitioned into 2, first primary partition with 98SE on it, second logical partition with XP Pro on it.

I've been having a few problems with an error message in XP Pro, regarding wmiprvse.exe, and although I've applied the alledged "fix" for it, it still does it quite often.

I've tried system restore, and its still the same.
What I want to know is, how do I go about the correct method of deleting XP Pro and reformating my logical partition?, so I can either reinstall XP, or forget about it altogether, and just use the logical partition for backups.
I achieved the initial partitioning operation, with PartitionMagic 8.0, but after a complete disaster last week trying to reformat my Primary partition to reinstall W98SE, using PartitionMagic, I'd like some advice as to how to go about it properly this time. I ended up having to FDISK my HD and start completely from scratch last week, as I assumed, stupidly, that if I deleted C:, I could simply boot up using a floppy start-up disk, and run setup from there to reinstall Windows 98SE.
I appreciate that things are reversed now, with regards what I want to achieve now, but any advice would be appreciated.

  Elrond 15:22 20 Mar 2003

You should be able to format the partition by right clicking it in my computer and selecting format

  Fiery251 15:28 20 Mar 2003

I did try that with the Primary HD, from within XP on the logical drive, but I guess it's not possible to format a primary partition from the logical one, as it said "Unable to complete reformat" at the end.

So it should be possible to format a logical partition from within the Primary one, but not the other way around, is that right?.

  gemstone 16:49 20 Mar 2003

Obviously you cant format a partition that's runing the file you are using! Its only a small point but to avoid confusion you have a Primary partition and an extended partition with a logical drive defined in it. You can boot to 98 and right click the XP drive and choose format from the drop down menu, as no files will be open on the XP partition, unless you formatted with NTFS to start with, in which case you cannot delete or format the NTFS partition using a FAT 32 system of bootable floppy,fdisk cannot see it so cant delete it.
The simplest way to proceed is to boot to the XP CD and follow the route as if you were going to install a fresh copy, then you can either reformat the partition or delete it.

  Fiery251 17:00 20 Mar 2003

I left the file system as FAT32, so NTFS is'nt a problem.

I'll try the format from the drop down menu if need be, but as I really want to try and percevere with XP, I might just try installing it over the existing copy on the logical drive. Do you reckon that will overwrite and fix any possible errors, or is it just the same as using system restore in a way?. Because I've tried system restore, going right back to the very first restore point, and this WIMPRVSE.EXE problem still manages to crop up. Will a reinstall over the top of XP manage to sort that error out, or am I wasting my time there?.


  cream. 19:28 20 Mar 2003

Oh dear, you he been going in circles. lol

If you cannot achieve the above solution you can wipe both drives this way.

If your 98 boot floppy works.

Enter the bios and make sure first boot is floppy drive. Save and exit.

Restart machine with the boot floppy in and let it load, pick start with cdrom support. When you get to the a:\ type a:\ format d: and enter. This should format the x\p drive.

You should then be back at a:\ so type a:\ format c: and enter.

This should give you your clean partitions. You can now install which operating system you want.

If your intention is to duel boot then make sure you put 98 on first.

If for some reason the boot disk will not load then pick your first boot as cdrom in the bios. Save and exit. This time when you boot up make sure the 98 disk is in the drive. This should also take you to a:\ so you can proceed as above.

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