Reformatting Hard Drive

  Henmin 19:54 16 Mar 2005

Hi There,

Yes, it's me again. I've just completed one Thread of discusion and here Iam yet again with another.

I wish to reformat my one hard drive in my desktop computer. It's 20GB. My computer is about five years old and has become quite slow in doing things. One of the reasons may be the adaware/spyware trouble I'm haveing which has been discussed in the previous discussion. I think it may be time to wipe the disc clean and start afresh.

I also wish to install another hard drive. I'm scared that if I install the new hard drive first as the Main Drive and the old one as slave all the adaware/spyware from it may find its way into the new drive

Can anyone please Help! I have never reformatted a hard drive before. All the HELP would be greatly appreciated.

I have Windows 98SE Disc & Floppy. I also have all the software CDs that came with the computer. Will all the components inside work as good as when they first came with my computer. Will the Drivers be up-to-date? I have installed a new Modem and added more memory recently.

Sorry about this long winded explaination



  Storik 20:04 16 Mar 2005

your hard drive, I think it is very unlikely that any spyware etc will survive the format.

If your hard drive is somewhat overloaded with guff (programs etc. that you no longer use) you will probably find that it runs a little more quickly.

You can format the hard disk with your start up floppy and provided you have saved any files that are important to you - I can forsee no problems.

Good luck!


  Henmin 20:16 16 Mar 2005


Thanks. Do you think it will better to install a new drive first, putting in all that I have from my CDs with out touching my old drive. Then if all goes well reformatting my old drive. That way if I do something wrong I'll be able to get online for help. Is this possible?


  dan11 20:24 16 Mar 2005

First. Formatting a hard drive and reinstalling an operating system is quite easy. it can be a bit long

Preparation is the key to a successful reinstall. Make sure you have the windows CD, with the code and all of the drivers for your peripherals. The modem driver is the most important. With this you will be able to access the net for help or drivers you have missing.

The other option you must look at is extra hard drive you wish to install. If you have the drive now, you have the option to format and boot from the old hard drive or use the new hard drive as the boot drive.

If you want a full walk through from formatting to reinstalling 98. post back.

  woodchip 20:24 16 Mar 2005

Just load the Win98 Floppy start computer allow to load to

A:\> then type FORMAT C: and press enter it should look like this


when message comes up press Y for yes then enter

And the end it will ask for a volume name just press enter. Restart computer after it gets back to A:\>

Choose start with CD rom Support put the Win98se CD in computer, if you only have One Hard Drive and One CD or DVD drive, you should type at the A:\> prompt F:\ so it looks like this

A:\>F:\ press enter, then at F:\ type SETUP and press enter

  woodchip 20:24 16 Mar 2005

Sorry that should be E:\ not F:\

  byfordr 20:27 16 Mar 2005

Certainly is...probably a few technical legalities it might smudge, but you certainly wouldn't be alone in doing it.


  Henmin 20:36 16 Mar 2005


Yes please. A complete How To Do It would be much appreciated.

Oh, thank you very much!


  Henmin 20:50 16 Mar 2005


Thanks very much. Oooh! Taking life in my hands ... my computer's that is.

I'm sure I'll do a swell job. Then I can stand back and say, 'Who don it?' Yes, and proudly say, 'With the help of my friends in the PCA Forum


  dan11 21:01 16 Mar 2005

Woodchip has given you the details of the format and re-install. Do you think you can follow that?

  zarobian 21:13 16 Mar 2005

If you wish to use the HD as your system disc (ie to install Operating System on it) then the command is:

A:>\format C: /S press enter
This will make the hard disk bootable. Thereafter follow the woodchip's instructions.

Please note that you leave a space between C: and forward slash.

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