Reformatting a drive in XP pro

  willc01 10:21 16 Feb 2003

I was running ME with a 120gb primary disk, a 30gb secondary disk, both on master ide bus and a 40gb disk on firewire and a cdrw on the secondary bus all was fine. I upgraded to 2000pro. all was fine. I have now upgraded to xp pro and my 30gb disk has suddenly become 2gb. I used a win98 startup disk and fdisked the drive and formated it. Fine could see 29.???gb. Rebooted and still only 2gb in XP.
Started fdisk from floppy and format to check I had enabled Large disk support. All fine but still only 2gb in XP. Reformatted C drive. clean install of ME, all Fine. Reformatted, clean install of 2000, all Fine. Reformatted, clean install of XP, and back to 2gb again. Reformatted C and clean ME install, all fine, upgraded to 2000, all fine, upograded to XP, and back to only 2GB again. Dont know what to do now. Any help would be appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 16:07 16 Feb 2003

bump... I too would like an answer to this one. Maybe it has something to do with formatting options on XP?

  misery 19:48 16 Feb 2003

minor question. Is the 30gig set up as fat 16? I had a simlar prob with a partition on an old drive and couldn't access it with XP.

  willc01 19:04 17 Feb 2003


No it has been formatted in FAT32

  misery 19:51 17 Feb 2003

are the three o/s's on the same drive/partition? XP does seem to prefer to be on a separate partition. It could just be that Me and 2000 get along fine but "three in the marriage" may be one too many.

  willc01 10:23 18 Feb 2003

Read the post, one os one partition

  jazzypop 10:40 18 Feb 2003

I realise that you said that it is formatted as Fat32, but it does seem as if XP is seeing it as as Fat16, hence the 2GB limit.

Have you tried right-clicking My Computer, choose Manage > Disk Management, right-clicking the 30GB drive and setting a new (preferably NTFS) partition from there?

There should be no need for Fdisk in XP - you can right-click a drive in Disk Management and create / delete partitions, format etc.

  willc01 11:11 18 Feb 2003


Yes have tried that but it only lets me format the 2gb in FAT or NTFS. If I uninstall from DM and reformat the 2gb I can see then go to DOS FDisk. I can only see the first partion of 2gb (2011Mb). I then deleted the partition & set the drive up again in DOS back to XP & 2gb again.

Any suggestion is helpful

  jazzypop 11:45 18 Feb 2003

OK, let's try it from a different angle. Instead of reformatting the 2GB partition in XP, have you tried deleting the partition in XP, then creating a new one, still in DM?

If you have, and that has failed, try by-passing Fdisk and use Ranish instead. Many people swear by it. Go to click here for a free copy.

  The Ice Man Cometh 16:32 18 Feb 2003

Thanks for that, i will try it tonite and post back tommorow.

  Lú-tzé 16:52 18 Feb 2003

Has willc01 become a Eugene O'Neill fan? :-}

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