reformatting c:\ drive

  Kingfisher 17:36 02 Aug 2005

Can any one help me please My brother has an old win98se pc with 10 gig hard drive and 128ram. the os is corrupt and I wish to reformat the hard drive and do a clean install of 98. I have a boot disk and the win 98 cd, but I cannot find a format command on the floppy boot disk. i realise it is a basic pc but wish to get it up and running again

  mattyc_92 17:43 02 Aug 2005

Boot from the Floppy disk and select "Start with CD-ROM Support"....

In the command prompt, type in (where [enter] means press enter):


format c: [enter]



The c drive will now be formatted.

Now type in (once formatting is complete):


d: [enter]

setup.exe [enter]



"Scan Disk" will now be launched, and then the installation will begin.

  dan11 17:45 02 Aug 2005

Nothing wrong with that, for 98se.

Here is a good walk through for 98se. click here. Use the first link.

  dan11 17:50 02 Aug 2005

Scratch mine, use mattyc_92 post.

  woodchip 17:50 02 Aug 2005

Boot disc hear tenth file from top click here after download put floppy in drive and double click download. This should be done on a Win98 computer as it may not Work if Created on a XP comp.

Start with floppy let it run to A:\> then type

FORMAT C: note the space before C:

  DieSse 18:12 02 Aug 2005

Follow woodys advice to get a new boot disk - the earlier suggestions will not work if format is not on your floppy (as you say).

  Kingfisher 18:50 02 Aug 2005

couldn't find the format command on the floppy but found it in the win98 dir on the win cd hard drive formatted ok and win98se reinstalled thankyou all for your replies

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