User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 15:41 09 Jul 2004

hi all ive reformatted my hd many time i done it last week as i had a problem with a certain progam not going to say what as it is frown on by many peolpe but the problem was that i could acess the network with the pirmary conncetion and didnt no why so i was bored so i thught y not format and start over again

so start all over again proble is it still doing the same thing
so what i would like to no is when you format hd dose it delete everything as i though it did or could some setting be saved any one no

  Poloman69 16:02 09 Jul 2004

You have to reformat your hard drive about 6 or 7 times in succession to nearly 100% remove everything from it. You can use Ontracks Easy Recovery programmes to recover lost files which might help

click here

The best one is Easy Recovery Professional - helped me out when i had to format my hard drive as i managed to get everything back from MP3's to driver files.

so its possable after a reformat to get file back

  VoG II 18:52 09 Jul 2004

Drive Rescue click here can recover some files. Other files may have been over-written when you installed Windows etc.

It needs to be run from a different drive; e.g. a floppy.

is there any free recovery tool on the internet

take it that dosnt sport ntfs

  VoG II 18:59 09 Jul 2004

You can try it.

ok i will try later on the other hand if there are progams to recover is there an opposite that removes or is it just as it is i normally use partion magic 8 and had no trobles before worried now what i might find

  VoG II 19:09 09 Jul 2004

To do the opposite - i.e. make data recovery impossible you need to go to the website of your HDD manufacturer and look for a "zero write" program. click here

  Dorsai 19:28 09 Jul 2004

I am not dissing you in any way, just curious, and asking you as you seem to know things in this area.

If i save a new file on to my HDD, and it goes over the top of an old file (ie uses exactly the same area of the disk, like recordring one film over the top of an old film on a VHS tape), how can the old file be recoverable? If it still 'there' how can the pc tell which file is being read off the disk? they are both in the same place, so if one is there, surly the other has been written over with new data, and is not there any more?

Just want to learn, that's all.

now that some handy info anit it
ok well looks like im going to get hands dirty then cos no idea maker of HDD oh well needs a good sping keen purple fans and light looking a bit grime and i though i would be nice to have a see though case but not really just needs dustering more

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