Reformatted my pc, now hard drives have disapered

  Spetznaaz 16:02 09 Mar 2007


I installed norton systemworks 2007, (i'm mentioning this because i'm wondering if norton goback has caused the problem) on my pc, and i downloaded another file off a p2p program, which i beleive was a virus, as i double clicked it and nothing happened, and a few other files of different sizes had the same file picture on the .exe file and also a .dll file or something. Since i clicked the file my pc started playing up, norton antivirus stopped working and files on one of my hard drives started disapereaing.

So anyway, i reformatetd my pc, and now my other 5 hard drive simply arn't showing up in 'my computer'. The hard drives are recognised in bios, and also if i go to disk management, all the hard drives show up, they say they are helathy, working correctly and active. They don't appear to have drive letetrs assigned to them, but i can't assign any in disk management.

I really don't know what the hell is going on, and i have a lot of files to lose on these 5 hard drives.

If anyone has any ideas of what i could possibly do to fix the problem please let mw know.

Many thanks

  ventanas 16:54 09 Mar 2007

You should be able to right click in the lower part of the disc management window and choose a drive letter. The lack of a letter is why Windows can't see them.
What kind are they - extended or logical?

  Spetznaaz 16:57 09 Mar 2007

Nope, when i right click on one of the disks in the lower part, the only option available is to delete partition. Apart from on the system drive.

What's the difference between extended and logical?


  ventanas 17:02 09 Mar 2007

A logical drive is a subdivision of an extended partition, formated separately.

  Spetznaaz 17:15 09 Mar 2007

Urrrm... well the hard drives are just your average single partitioned hdd...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 09 Mar 2007

Yes its a well known problem caused by Norton Go Back

click here

  Spetznaaz 19:06 09 Mar 2007

I've just realised a few things. When i plug each of my hard drives (apart from the system drive) in on it's own and start up my pc, i get the norton goback screen load up, then the error message:

Failure code: GBUI_Support(1147)

I do not get the message when the system drive is plugged in and the other hard drives are plugged in, apart from one hard drive, when it's pluigged in, i will get the goback error regardless of wether the system drive is plugged in.

So yes, i am pretty sure it's an error caused by goback.

Am i correct in saying, goback has somehow rewritten the mbr on each hard drive?

I tried the boot disk you suggested, but all i get is this:

Starting PC Dos...


And then it stays like that and nothing happens.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:32 09 Mar 2007

try "ctrl - alt" and keep pressing the letter "G". Then immediately press the letter "F". This should allow Norton Goback to be removed from the MBR. It should then allow XP to load as normal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 09 Mar 2007

see also click here={e89aa7b8-5c92-49a4-9947-5144aa222606}&ID={2cc1debb-f09f-4fa6-a0b4-86f953963504}

  woodchip 19:35 09 Mar 2007

Use this to get your Partition back. click here

  Spetznaaz 00:09 12 Mar 2007

Hi, i read about the cntrl alt and G thing somewhere else and tried it and it worked :D

Only problem now is one of my hard drive has lost a lot of it's files, and they all seem to be having the odd error here and there when i run a hard drive scan on them. For example, when i just scanned my E: drive in about 2 hours it had only scanned 3% of the 'security decrypters' :(

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