reformating Hd,Best way?

  prodway 18:28 11 Feb 2003

How do you do it?back wanted stuff on 2nd hd?cd?If u cut and paste programs to ur 2hd,would it work without needing to insert disk?i just want a fresh start again so im gonna reformat my hd.i have that much stuff on my comp that i dont need which i cant seem to remove,so this is the only answer.Thanks Paul.

  MAJ 18:39 11 Feb 2003

Save all your important stuff to whichever media suits you best, either another hard drive, CD-rs, Zip drive or Floppies. No you can't just copy and paste programs from one drive to another and expect them to work after you paste them back, you'll have to reinstall them again. After you have saved everything that needs to be saved, insert a bootdisc and type Format C (if C is your drive). Then reinstall your OS.

  SafeHaven 18:44 11 Feb 2003

Don't forget to change your boot up options in your bios,Boot from cd rom quicker than booting from a system disk. You can change it back after installation.

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