Reformat Windows 2000 pc and install XP

  andy625 12:17 29 Sep 2005

What is the easiest way to reformat a Pentium 3 600mhz pc that is currently running Windows 2000 (upgraded from NT), and install XP?

The pc was originally used on a work network, and I don't have the administrator password. It has a 12Gb hard drive partitioned into 2 and 10. Will these be overwritten so I just have the one C drive?

Are there any floppies I can download that will wipe it, and reinstall easily?

  Yoda Knight 12:29 29 Sep 2005

Boot from the XP disk and choose the option to remove and re-create the partitions

  mgmcc 12:33 29 Sep 2005

My preferred method is to boot the PC with a Windows 98 "boot floppy", run FDISK and remove all existing partitions. Any NTFS partitions will be shown as "non-DOS" partitions, but can still be deleted.

If necessary, download a Win 98 boot floppy from click here

Then, with the hard drive unpartitioned, boot with the Windows XP CD and let its "Setup" partition and format the drive and install the operating system.

This can all be done with the XP CD, but it doesn't always go according to plan and I still believe this is the most reliable method to start from scratch.

  Grantrh 12:42 29 Sep 2005

I agree with mgmcc - thats the way I would do it.

  Yoda Knight 13:00 29 Sep 2005

Tomatoe / tomato ........

  andy625 13:37 29 Sep 2005

Would I be right in thinking that this would wipe the drive of all data (that is what I'd want to do)?

Is "fdisk" on the 98 boot disk an exe file that i run, or do you mean type fdisk at the dos prompt?

Thanks for your replies.

  jack 14:29 29 Sep 2005

Assuming you want to clear the drive
Type FDSK at the 'A' prompt with the floppy in the drive.

  dan11 14:50 29 Sep 2005

As Yoda Knight.;-)

  pj123 16:46 29 Sep 2005

I also agree with mgmcc except I would go for the bootdisk from click here

"Would I be right in thinking that this would wipe the drive of all data (that is what I'd want to do)?" Yes.

You would also need to make sure that the BIOS is set to boot from the floppy disk first.

Once you are at the A: prompt you need to type fdisk and enter. Then delete all partitions, drives, logical drives etc. and then remake the partition as the whole drive. Make it active and then format it. After that I don't know what to do as I don't have XP.

But I would suggest that you change your BIOS to start from CD/DVD first and then put the XP CD in and switch on and follow the prompts.

  andy625 11:33 30 Sep 2005

Last night I managed to remove the partitions with Fdisk on a 98 boot disk which I downloaded. I've now installed 2000 (couldn't find my XP disk) on a clean hard drive. Now I'm in the process of sorting out my wireless network connection. Thanks for all your help.

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