Reformat USB drive

  hawthorn59 13:31 26 May 2008


I just cleared everything from my usb drive to a folder on my desktop. Now it says I must format the USB drive in order to use it. Is it ok to do this? I wonder why it happened. Would I have deleted some file I shouldnt have?

I also think there were about 8 or 9 loose files (not in folders) on the disk that didnt transfer and they seem to be gone.

My main worry is, I need this USB drive to store v important information that I will use on my Yamaha Keyboard (midi backing tracks). I wonder now is it going to be safe and reliable, or should I just buy a new one?



  rawprawn 13:37 26 May 2008

It should be fine, just Format it as long as there is nothing that you want on it.

  rawprawn 13:41 26 May 2008

Just a thought, if the data is that important you really ought to make a backup on a CD-R or DVD-R not RW

  hawthorn59 13:44 26 May 2008

Unfortunately I need them to play on the keyboard (midi) and it will only take USB or Smart Card. I will back up to smart card too.


  Diemmess 15:21 26 May 2008

For really important files, burn to a CD-R or DVD-R using quality rather than cheapoest bargain blanks.

Then if disaster wipes out PC, card reader and USB external drive, you can still copy the vital stuff back to where it is needed, once recovery from a hardware disaster has taken place.

  hawthorn59 13:46 27 May 2008

Im not great with burning to CD and DVD; never know when they can be used again, or whether end of "sessons" means end of burning to that disc. (maybe thats not the terminology anymore, its so long since I did that!)

I generally have a copy of all my important files (MyDocs) and music midis on a USB for backup. If I make another copy on another USB, I reckon Im fairly well covered? What do you think?


  rawprawn 17:17 27 May 2008

USB's are fairly reliable, but a CD-R is better. Have a read here and see if this helps you.
click here
The alternative is to use Acronis True Image 11 to an external drive

  Pamy 17:49 27 May 2008

Try puting a junk file on this usb drive and see if it stores there as it is

  hawthorn59 18:07 27 May 2008

What do you mean by a junk file?


  dagbladet 18:38 27 May 2008

"What do you mean by a junk file?"

Anything you don't mind losing, just to test it.

  hawthorn59 05:03 28 May 2008

Oh yes the USB seems to save everything well.

So my midi files are now in the following location:

On the Smart Card permanently inserted in the keyboard (musical keyboard that is)

On a backup smart card

On a USB

On a backup of the usb, ie folder on laptop

On a backup of the smart card, on the laptop

I reckon Im covered. Is this overkill? I can be tiresome when you record a few new songs, backing up every location!


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