Reformat, reinstall XP Pro,SP2 and all the updates

  Cobber 15:29 05 Jul 2005

Scenario: Reformat HD (no prob), put on XP Pro and SP2 (no prob)
Now the rub: I want to save, and then reinstall, all the other XP updates that I have downlaoded from MS. Is this possible?, where on the computer are they?, and how do I do it?
I should add that I am not, as yet, on broadband.

  tenplus1 15:57 05 Jul 2005

To make installs easier, you could always use nLite to slipstream SP2 into windows so that you don't have to keep installing it seperately...

Get nLite here: click here

Also, instead of going to Windows Update and downloading/installing all of the updates, download AutoPatcherXP so that you run 1 single program to update your Windows...

Get AutoPatcherXP here: click here

  Cobber 16:08 05 Jul 2005

SP2 no prob.
Are the numerous MS updates stored on my computer? and can I save them to avoid having to download the lot again?

  Stuartli 16:17 05 Jul 2005

SP2 incorporates SP1 - all you will have to download are the updates released since then.

If you download and install Bigfix from click here (free) it will reveal exactly what updates are required (including Office if necessary) and you can then download them through Bigfix.

It's the method that's been used by Evesham for some years; since installing it on their new computer systems support calls have dropped dramatically it reveals.

  Cobber 17:16 05 Jul 2005

Perhaps I am not explaining myself very well.
My XP is totally up to date. When I reformat it will not be.
Are the updates I have downloaded saved, and reusable, and if so where are they stored?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:20 05 Jul 2005

No, they are not saved locally. You will need to reinstall them.

For future reference, they can be gotten from OS Updates: Latest patches and updates for your Windows System - TechSpot
click here

Then save them locally and install as you want.

When you create a fully updated install of windows, you can create an image using, for example, norton ghost.

  Stuartli 17:25 05 Jul 2005

Is there a particular reason to reformat?

You could just do a Repair of XP, retain all the HDD contents and configurations and save all the work of reinstalling...

  Completealias 18:44 05 Jul 2005

You can download the xp patches from ms download centre serch by fix number and they'll come up not all are available that way thou.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:19 05 Jul 2005

Completealias - hence the link I gave! :-)

  woodchip 22:33 05 Jul 2005

No you cannot save and reinstall if you downloaded the Auto updates. files scattered all over drive and registry entries changed when update runs them

  Cobber 11:05 06 Jul 2005

woodchip you answered my question perfectly.

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