To reformat or not?

  Shorty123 19:15 27 Apr 2005

Hi, We have been given an old pc by a friend, to be used only for gaming (no internet). Its a Windows 98, Pentium II, 400mhz with 256 ram. Its got some spyware on it that has resisted the usual (spybot, adaware, cw shredder). Its not causing performance problems, just a bit annoying. I am undecided about whether to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch. I've got the Packard Bell Master discs that came with it and the floppy which I assume (?) means its possible to reformat but I'll lose all the Windows updating that was done on it. Worried the joystick won't work either as I've no drivers for it and its OLD. Also worried something will go wrong (never done it before). Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.

  woodchip 19:22 27 Apr 2005

when you say Master discs do you mean a full windows operating system disc? Or a restore disc as a restore disc would not work with the old computer

  Shorty123 19:44 27 Apr 2005

I think its the whole operating system as there's a sticker on the first cd case saying the software is subject to licence agreement and a Windows 98 Manual for distirbution with a new Packard Bell PC, with a product key code on it....does that make sense?

  Shorty123 20:52 27 Apr 2005

AND... the floppy says on it "Packeard Bell Master Cd...Boot Diskette...any advice?

  woodchip 20:58 27 Apr 2005

Well you can try but I have my doubts. Before you decide to format why not try loading the disc over the top if both are win98. If it goes when you put the CD disc in, then I would say format and reinstall the OS

  pickle factory 20:59 27 Apr 2005

Maybe you have a similar issue to the one these wonderful people have just helped me fix. Chek this link click here and use the link in Sidecar Sids suggestion. I skipped straight to the bottom of the page and installed Adaware Away, did as it said and hey presto, job done. Good luck.

  pickle factory 21:01 27 Apr 2005

Sorry, just re-read and you ain't got internet, no help at all then. Bugger.

  Shorty123 22:10 27 Apr 2005

Sorry been drinking will check back in the clarify, I have internet in the house but on a different pc and they're not networked and wont be

  woodchip 22:18 27 Apr 2005

They do not need to be networked to do what I said

  Shorty123 22:28 27 Apr 2005

haven't got much tech knowledge. Not quite clear what you're telling me to do. Put the cd in and see if it runs? Is that what you're saying? And I don't have to re-format first?

  woodchip 09:40 28 Apr 2005

I wanted to now if the Computer would accept the CD that you have. If it does and it goes to setup with the First CD in Windows then you can format and use the CD's

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