reformat and installation not working

  Barnacarry 08:50 15 Jan 2006

Having just formatted my old computers hard drive, which had Windows 98 and was playing up quite a bit, I am now trying to install Windows Me but each time it comes up with 'invalid system disk, replace the disk and press any key'. What have I missed?

  Sharpamatt 09:02 15 Jan 2006

what methods are you useing, if you formated in DOS and are attempting to load outside DOS it rearly works.

Use your Floopy boot disc, and select CD support, After this has loaded type you Drive letter ( + one ie if drive is normally E type F: ) this will then open that drive, and provided you CD is in that drive.

Type " setup.exe or Install.Exe and press enter

  Barnacarry 09:13 15 Jan 2006

I am doing as you say but it is asking me to 'insert disk with batch file?'

  Sharpamatt 10:44 15 Jan 2006

What are the system specs.
the message you were getting is normally associated when a non boot disk is left in the 3.5 drive,
removing it and pressing any key normally allows the system to start windows

  Barnacarry 10:55 15 Jan 2006

I really have no idea of the specs apart from 128 ram and a pentium processor. Hard disk? no idea what size. The boot disk was downloaded from internet and seems to work fine up to the point where I need the system disk. And, yes, I did leave the disk in but the same message comes up even when I remove it.

  Sharpamatt 11:06 15 Jan 2006

By specs What make of system is it, even back then some systems had a hidden partion on the hard drive. to enable recovery,

When you had this running with 98 on it, by useing the ME disc you could have just upgraded with the next OS.

Before Formating did you first re-partion the drive, and reset BIOS to defauls before loading.

  Barnacarry 11:24 15 Jan 2006

It is an Advent computer and before formatting I Fdisk to check the disk but I didn't re-partition the drive or reset the BIOS. Having changed from WinMe to XP on my current computer I naively thought it would be just as simple.

  Sharpamatt 12:53 15 Jan 2006

Many earlier Advents had problems useing other than the inbuilt system restore, and the ( I think 3406 ) had problems upgrading to ME.

You are going to have to get many drivers, and may need to update BIOS,

I would try a complete attempt again use Fdisc to re-partion, Format, then try to install, but first reset to defaults.

If it doesnt work I would open it up and obtain details from inside and update as required.

Early Advents would not restore if any added drives ( such as a zip drive ) was attached.

  Barnacarry 13:16 15 Jan 2006

Thanks, Sharpamatt. It now appears that I have missing or corrupt files for Himem.sys and config.sys and it keeps asking for the system disk. Thank you for your time and effort with this problem but I think it's time for a bit of recycling at the local dump. Cheers.

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