Reformat. How often?

  potatoofdoom2 13:58 04 Jan 2005

You advice is sought.
Whilst browsing the PC advisor websites I noticed many view reformatting as the very last step in order to recify a problem. I, on the other hand tend to reformat as the first step when a problem emerges and at least 2-3 times a year. Am I doing any harm to the hard drive? The lastest reason was due to a recent Windows XP update which installed all sorts of nonsense, one of which, I'm sure slowed my PC down. Am I mad? Backing up all my files (loads of picture files) prior is time consuming whereas losing hard fought Game stages is annoying. Any suggestions how I may improve my attitude? Is there a better way?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:09 04 Jan 2005

A reformat or three will not harm th drive. I tend to reformat if a). there is a factory restore disk as this makes it a doddle and can save a lot of time mucking around or b). there are many, many problems that are compounded. There is little point in reformatting for simple problems as they can usually be sorted PDQ. The weekly use of Ccleaner, click here and regseeeker, click here will keep your system in top shape.


  TomJerry 14:20 04 Jan 2005

reformat is the same as write to HDD, so there is no additional harm, but I do not see any point to do it

  JIM 14:35 04 Jan 2005

You cover a vast area with your thread/topic and though i have not met your acquaintance on this forum you dont appear/come-over as (Daft)"Ment in the nicest of ways,honestly :)

1/ "many view reformatting as the very last step"

A large number if not most dread that word reformatting as when used regarding the OS.That fate has been eased with Win/XP and SP2.Still the fear is there basically because of the unknown.That could also cover a multitude of other itemsbut would take to long and may not be that intresting.:)

2/I, on the other hand tend to reformat as the first step when a problem emerges.

Now that is daft and i know that because of what i said earlier to you :)

But no, you wont be doing any damage to your hardrive.I could see more wear/tare with scanadisk /defragging than doing a clean install but i would aleast attempt to sort a problem out first before format.Keeping your system clean tidy and shipshape is good practice we all get tempted away from it a times.

As i said you cover a large area and thats enough from me.Please take some of what i say, with tongue in cheek.(a lot):)

ps. sorry forgot,

3/ improve my attitude? "THATS EASY" Keep in-touch with us to help you and for you to help others.

Jim. ;)

  mattyc_92 14:43 04 Jan 2005

Hi, I intend to format my system if I have more that 5 problems on the system, but most of the time "recovering" the system with "Norton Ghost" or "Acronis True Image" is the best and easiest option!!!!

And, as everyone has said already, formating a hard-disk all the time doesn't damage it, but it is very time consuming!!!!

  Totally-braindead 14:45 04 Jan 2005

I suppose I'm one of the ones who reformats as a last resort, if I have a fairly major problem and can't sort it out in a week or so I just reformat. I end up doing this perhaps once a year or so, I do back up files such as pictures and important documents but thats about all, a clean install does help get rid of all the bits and pieces left floating about your system when you delete a program. The reason I'm not keen on doing this right away is I'd much rather find out what caused it and how to cure it so if it happens again I don't have to reformat. This is one of the areas this Forum can really help on. When something mucks up your system chances are help is here to cure the problem. There is no harm in reformatting as long as you back up what you want to keep and therefore don't lose anything. Incidently I've done it quite a few times now and can reinstall everything I need in about 3-4 hours.

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