Reformat hard Drive & reinstall Win 98

  iscanut 09:27 06 May 2004

I am going to help a friend out who needs his hard drive reformatted and Win 98 reinstalled. I have made a boot floppy containing system files including FDISK & FORMAT but will his CD be recognised in order to install WIN 98. I have a copy of MSCDEX on the floppy. Is it sufficient to place this file in the root C directory in order for Drive D to be set up and recognised or is there something else I need to do.

  mackaycc 09:47 06 May 2004

The boot floppy is sufficient for loading the cd driver. Just use the boot floppy and you will get an option to start up with cd-rom support.

  mgmcc 09:54 06 May 2004

If friend's PC is still functioning, why not create a "boot floppy" from that? Go to "Control Panel > Add/Remove" and select the Startup disk tab. This will give you the option to boot "with CD ROM support" in order to run the install from the CD. If the CD drive is normally "D", it will temporarily be displaced by one letter to become "E".

Otherwise a Win 98 boot floppy can be downloaded from click here

  Gongoozler 09:56 06 May 2004

To elaborate on the posting from mackaycc. You need a boot floppy made from a Windows 98 or 98se computer. Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Startup Disk. Boot the computer with this disk in the floppy drive, and select "Start with CD-ROM support" (or something like that). This disk will create a virtual drive in ram that will have everything you need to format the hard drive and run the CD drive. Don't forget that the virtual drive will temporarily take the next available letter after the hard drive(s), so the CD drive will be moved on one letter. i.e. if the CD drive is normally D:, for the purposes of the installation it will be E:

  keith-236785 10:03 06 May 2004

Please make sure before you start that you know EXACTLY what hardware he/she has in their computer (graphic card, sound card, modem, lan card etc...) and make sure you have all the drivers required to set up the system properly, it is soooooo annoying to format/install windows to then find you have lost the driver disk for the modem and can't get back online to download a new one.

ok, here goes, you will need a windows 98 startup disk, make sure it is for the right version of win98. if you have one, skip the next bit.

click here and download a win98 or win98SE startup disk, put a blank floppy in the drive, double click the file you have downloaded and it will create a startup disk for you.

OK you should now be at your friends house armed with your new win98 startup disk.

make absolutely certain that important documents/files are backed up before proceeding.

At your friends computer, put the floppy into his/her computer, restart the pc. once you get the menu, choose start without cdrom support

once completed to the A:> prompt, type

format c: +press enter

then once done, restart again still with the floppy in, this time choose start WITH cdrom support. insert the windows cd, at the prompt A:> type

E: +press enter (or change E to whatever letter the computer says is the cdrom drive)

then simply type

setup +press enter

setup will launch, just follow the onscreen instructions from this point.

if for any reason you have problems starting setup, at the E:> prompt, type cd win98

the prompt will become

E:>win98, then type

setup +press enter

good luck

  keith-236785 10:06 06 May 2004

sorry, got one bit wrong.

before you type format

at the A:> prompt, type the letter of the ram drive that has been created ie

D: +press enter

then type format c:

  iscanut 10:48 06 May 2004

Thanks to all. Am much clearer

  Graham ® 11:01 06 May 2004

Make sure you have the 98 product code, you will be asked for it near the end.

  iscanut 11:22 06 May 2004

Thanks Paperman27..I notice that you make no reference to the use of FDISK ! Is this correct. In my ignorance, I assumed FDISK had to be executed first ( before FORMAT ) to create the partition to format.

  woodchip 12:01 06 May 2004

You only need to use Format C:

  Gongoozler 12:33 06 May 2004

FDISK is only necessary if you want to change the partitions. FORMAT C: /S is required for a new drive to copy the system files to it, but shouldn't be necessary after that.

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