Reformat FAT 32 HD with xp running

  The Potter 01:50 03 Jan 2011

It won't let me! I use a prog called 'end it all' to shut everything poss down but no good.

I have googled it but to no avail so in 24 hours time I will take the darn HD out and stamp on it! Win 7 here I come .......

But .... bearing in mind I have another 2 pcs running xp, maybe I should be patient?!

Also it being a new Year and my main pc is the quilty party ....

NB: I do not have a bootable XP disk and yes, in a 3 months (hopefully) I will be able to afford win 7 so please do not spend too much time on this; answers off the top of your head whould be much appreciated.


  mgmcc 07:53 03 Jan 2011

While Windows is running, it *cannot* format its own partition on the hard drive.

You could take the drive out of the PC, install it as a "slave" drive in one of your other PCs and then Windows in that PC could format it. If larger than 64GB, Windows would only format it as NTFS, not FAT32. However, if you have no XP disk, how are you going to reinstall Windows in the formatted disk?

  bremner 08:08 03 Jan 2011

I agree with mgmcc but there are other ways to format any size drive to FAT32 eg click here

  The Potter 17:04 03 Jan 2011

It's only a 40gb drive and I plan to load Win 98 as I have the disk and then load xp from there.

Thanks for advice, I will make it a slave and go from there.


  woodchip 17:22 03 Jan 2011

All you need do is download KillDisk, Works best from a Floppy disc click here Free Download on the left, Then download Win98se Floppy from click here tenth file from top. then Put blank Floppy in Drive and double click the above 98se download it will create a 98se boot disc, you then need to start with the floppy and create a Partition, then turn PC off restart with floppy in drive and Format the C:\> partition. After that you should be able to restart windows with the 98se CD in the drive and run Setup

  woodchip 17:23 03 Jan 2011

If it will not boot from the CD you can use the 98 floppy to boot with then change to CD directory and run setup

  woodchip 17:24 03 Jan 2011

All the above actions are run in DOS

  The Potter 17:58 03 Jan 2011

That is excellent thank you. It appears I may not need to reformat the drive now but this is extremely helpful information if I do.


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