Reformat C: disk

  johnincrete 13:52 23 Dec 2011

The technician who has just installed ADSL said the my computer would benefit from reformatting the hard drive. The computer is about 10 years old. I often defrag. Surely, reformat of the system disk would delete Windows wouldn't it?

I have been thinking of replacing this old drive anyway for something a bit more up-to-date. How would I transfer the system & programs etc from the old to the new drive? I have a second drive that contains all my data - audio and video mainly. I have an external disk that I use to backup data. I Use Acronis to do system backups to the second hard drive.

  compumac 13:56 23 Dec 2011

If you use Acronis and have the verified mages available it is straightforward to put that image onto another hard disc.

  KRONOS the First 14:48 23 Dec 2011

If you have not reinstalled Windows once in ten years then the technician was correct, your PC would definitely benefit from a format and reinstallation of Windows. Though this process can be time consuming if you plan ahead and get everything in place you can make the process less painful.

To prepare you would need to make sure you have all your motherboard drivers and graphics card, printers etc. you can download them and store them on an USB stick. I am assuming you are using XP so downloading SP3 and burning that to a CD will save time with the many updates. You will still have updates of course but with SP3 installed you will certainly have a lot less.

This will help with many of the more popular software we all use. Ninite.

Of course you will need to make sure any files you want to keep are copied elsewhere.

  johndrew 14:54 23 Dec 2011

ATI is excellent for cloning your drive as well. I don't know which version you are running, but if you look under 'Operations/Clone Disk' in the menu you will find it. This would be quicker than using a backup image to provide a new drive content.

  Poitier 15:31 23 Dec 2011

Hi, ATI is fine for cloning your old disk to the replacement but the OS will be in exactly the same condition. To renew it you need to use either an installation CD or a recovery partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 23 Dec 2011


If its working OK then what's the problem?

yes your hard drive is getting old and a new new one may be required soon but you have images to restore as required

as long as you are carrying out reasonable system maintenance, such as using CCleaner to keep the rubbish out and clean the registry occasionally

My 7 year old machine is as fast as it ever was.

  Poitier 10:41 24 Dec 2011

Fruit Bat, So is mine,but I was responding in the light of the initial post.

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