refilling hp cartridges

  2020 12:03 25 Jul 2004

could you please advise if i can refill cartridges for a hp deskjet 330/3400 series printer. tesco are doing kits for around £3-£5 odd quid at the moment...will i be able to use them or indeed any other rather than having to buy the official hp ones.
with thanks

  Wilham 12:29 25 Jul 2004

2020: Answer is 'yes' but there may be hurdles.
HP carts don't need an electronic chipper like Epson, but likely need a couple of spare carts to fool the printer you have a new cart. I think HP printer only remembers the last two cart serial nos.

This may help...

click here

  2020 12:44 25 Jul 2004

Thanks all that techonology in a little wonder they cost so much.
i'll have try at refilling not much to lose really.

  Bagsey 12:58 25 Jul 2004

<i'll have try at refilling not much to lose really>
Well I say have a go but do it ouside in very old clothes as the ink is absolute hell to get off. Use rubber gloves as well or you WILL finish up with variagated hands. As a teacher I filled hundred of the black carts. for school HP 400 inkjets but I was never happy with the results of the colour refills????. When you have tried and got fed up look at click here for good cheapish refilled carts. or click here for quick service on extra fillled carts. I use both and have been well pleased with their service.

  pj123 13:18 25 Jul 2004

As Bagsey points out, refilling is a very messy job. I gave it up in favour of compatible cartridges from Choice (see above Link).

If you still want to try there are two other points to remember. 1. don't let the cartridges run out completely before refilling and 2. don't overfill.

  Wak 14:56 25 Jul 2004

Have a look at click here
It could be of interest and help to you when refilling cartridges.

  spuds 18:40 25 Jul 2004

A couple of good 'how to refill' sites click here click here

Refilling can lead to various problems, if you are not sure what you are doing.Mess and leaks come to mind.Work on a good protected surface, with plenty of newspaper. The best refill kit in my opinion is the InkTec click here this as a balancing device valve included in the kit. The price of compatibles is well worth a consideration.

  Gongoozler 19:25 25 Jul 2004

The movie clips on this site is also helpful. Don't expect to refill the cartridges as cleanly and quickly as the lady in the clips, but they are very good for giving you confidence before you start. After refilling, your printer will still report that the cartridge is empty. Using the combination of sticky tape over pins fools it into thinking that you have a new cartridge. Whatever the makers say, don't expect the print quality to be as good as the HP originals. The quality is lower, but the price is MUCH lower. The refil makers claim that you can refill a cartridge up to 6 times, but I think you will be very lucky to achieve that.

For the movie clip, go to click here, click on "Inkjet ink", next page click on "Information" at the top of the page, then on "Refilling method" at the left side of the page, then click on "Movie" for your type of cartridge. This is a long winded way of getting there, but the site is not very well laid out. You can cancel the frequent suggestions that you download the Korean font.

  spuds 19:45 25 Jul 2004

The video Gongoozler suggests is worth a look.As stated, it is a long winded way to get to the video, that's why I didn't bother to link it. The last time I checked the video,about six moonths ago, the lady was wearing clean white gloves. Not recommended :o)

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