Refilling Continuous Ink Reservoirs

  BigAl127 08:57 29 Jan 2008

I have just fitted an Ink-Prime CF4-210 CISS to my Epson R220 and am very happy with it.

The instruction book is very poor and to refill the ink reservoirs it says "During printing, if find the ink level in the tank is below warning meter, please refill fresh ink according to the methods."

Unfortunately, no methods are listed. A syringe with a long pin and a short pin are supplied.

Do I need to remove the air filters and fill through there, or there's another plug on each ink colour, but i'm unsure as to whether that should be removed or not?

Any help appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:40 29 Jan 2008

On my CISS system there are two plugs for each bottle. One is the filler and the other is the air vent. I just remove the filler plug, fill the syringe and inject the ink into the bottle. I quickly wash the syringe between each colour. I get my ink from Disk Depot at £7 for 6x100ml here

Don't believe the rubbish written about CISS systems (usually by people that have never owned one); the colours are vibrant, there is no difference between colour prints from Epson inks or from the CISS inks and the blacks are definitely better than than the Epson inks that I used to use. If you do a lot of printing(or even if you do a small amount) a CISS system will save you shed loads and it is worth buying a compatible printer for the inks (usually Epson or Canon.


ps..the instructions that I received with the system were odd to say the least but a little thought and head scratching and it was easy to install (10 mins.)


  BigAl127 11:56 29 Jan 2008

I've got two plugs on each bottle, one's the air vent, so like yours I assume the other one must be the filler plug, but wasn't 100% sure.

I do print quite a lot, hence my reason for changing to the CISS.

Got my system from a guy i've used for years on the local Market. The original system cost me £18, and 6 x 150ml inks cost me £7 for the whole set.

Installation was very easy, and i've even done the mod on the waste ink pipe. All in all from start to finish and back up running again was about 30mins.

Very impressed with the print quality as well.

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