References of Tiny computers.

  nerawan 00:09 11 Mar 2004

Hi Everybody...I have seen these days some ads, about TINY Comp. and Laptops...The specificacions look good and the prices but they don't have stores and customers have to buy online...I want to get references about people who have bought any of these comp/laptops recently...Thanks for your comments.

  PUNKA 02:33 11 Mar 2004

Check out the threads in here

  nerawan 11:25 11 Mar 2004

I tried before , going to search and enter TINY COMPUTERS and TINY LAPTOPS and get nothing.

  byfordr 11:34 11 Mar 2004

The original Tiny went for broke, and got brought out by Time. It appears Time has resurrected the Tiny name and is putting out pcs again under this brand. You may want to expand your search for Time.


  Sheila-214876 11:41 11 Mar 2004

It's not called Tiny computers anymore, it's now As far as I can ascertain they don't have retail shops, strictly internet only. Try this previous thread click here

  Stonechatz 13:59 11 Mar 2004

TIME has often been the subject of BBC WatchDog reports!!! It has now dropped Time as its retailing designation, and taken on Tiny's name and rep. I hope WatchDog do NOT get to feature Tiny as many times as it featured Time. I have a colleague at work who took his Time computer back to Burnley, and confronted their director. A policeman sat in on the interview!

  byfordr 16:32 11 Mar 2004

One of my friends had to sue Time to get their money back. Other friends have had problems. "Wouldn't touch it with yours" is a phrase I'd use.


  J S 17:03 11 Mar 2004

The Computer Shop is the name of their stores. I bought a system from them and up till now i,ve never had any problems (15 months).One thing to be aware of is that they only give you an XP recovery disc if you take out an extended warranty - hard sell or what? You can buy one but its an extra £60. Another thing I,ve heard recently is that you can only get online using their preferred ISP (supanet)although i don,t know if its for broadband , dial-up or both.

  Sheila-214876 13:33 12 Mar 2004

J S. Yes, you are right the modem is dedicated to Supanet but if you check this previous thread Ian Shaw the Time Rep on this Forum will arrange for a standard "any ISP you like" modem free of charge. click here but it is a dial-up modem not Broadband.

  nerawan 18:13 12 Mar 2004

I checked the thread buy it looks most people have never had a TINY Machine (Desktop or Laptop)...Only 2 of them and in this thread one and they report having not problems.
I like to know more opinions from people who already has got one...Are they good machines?.Have them good components?..How do they respond if the machine fails?.
The problem is they sell only online and that is like buying blind...This week I went to P.C.World to see an Evesham laptop 15.4" for 8oo pounds and I was very dissapointed with the resolution but at least I could see it...The other problem is that most magazines don't include reviews of Tiny and time machines although in paper they have good specificacions and good value (except for the delivery charge but at the moment Tiny is not charging for that)...Any idea why they are ignored...The reviews always is about the same brands.

  citadel 19:00 12 Mar 2004

I have a tiny computer, in the 3 years I have had it I have had to replace defective components the cd/dvd combo drive, [a common problem] the monitor and the speakers. Apart from that the computer has worked well.

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