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  Yimbo 17:10 26 Aug 2011

We're giving our little grandaughter (aged 4) a gold locket into which I'd like to put a picture of her face. In all the dozens of photos we have of her, the face is too big fo fit. What I need is a way to print a photo - reduced - so that the face will fit into the locket.

Any ideas?

  AroundAgain 17:23 26 Aug 2011

Do you have any photo editing program on your computer? If so, what do you use.

Alternatively, if you have MS Office, with Powerpoint, (or Impress from OpenOffice/LibreOffice). I find it is very easy to resize images in that, more so than Word or equivalent. As your picture will be behind glass-type protection, the image will appear glossy anyway.

Alternatively, hang on until someone can give you more detailed help.

Good luck

  john bunyan 17:46 26 Aug 2011

There are many photo imaging software programmes from expensive - Photoshop CS5 to free. If you have a programme I would suggest a resolution of 300 dpi, and then resize to what you need - try a few sizes a mm or so apart. No doubt someone will suggest a freebie, such as the Gimp.

  Yimbo 18:47 26 Aug 2011

Thanks for your help! I've got Picassa and Magix Photo Manager - also Open Office and MS Office 2010 (Powerpoint) though I'm not not up to speed with this - yet!!

  eedcam 19:05 26 Aug 2011

Important always work on a copy not the original

You could use ifranview its free import your image Go to edit> create custom crop selection> onthe right hand side of the box that opens just chose inches and enter 1 in the width and height window enter 1 amd 1 or whatever size is needed to enclose the face .Now click on apply to image.You will have a square now on the main image move that (holding the right click ) over the area required. Now holding the leftclick over any ot box edges till you get a doubleheaded arrow drag each line in till it covers just the area required You can now choose the actual size by going to edit ]1Resize /resample tick set new size enter your sizes . Best to avoid changing any aspect ratio if possible As said previously use 300 ppi as the resolution .

enter link description here

  mooly 19:37 26 Aug 2011

You can reduce any photo in paint which is included with Windows OS. As eedcam say... make a copy first :)

It's a bit basic but does the job, just select "image" on the top options and then "resize". Change the horizontal and vertical size to say 50% keeping both the same and just experiment. If it's not right just click "edit" and "undo" and try again.

  rdave13 20:35 26 Aug 2011

Paint.Net is also a good one. Always work off a copy as said above.

resize photo

  polymath 22:01 26 Aug 2011

It's best not to make changes to an image while it's a JPEG file, as the resolution gets lower every time you save (and you'll have a Roy Lichenstein before you know it!). If it's a JPEG, I save it as a BMP file to start with, before any resizing or whatever (I don't think it's the only suitable file type, it's just the one I know).

  rdave13 22:23 26 Aug 2011

Save the file to PDNet (rename) as default PNG. Make your changes and save as 8-bit BMP file. BMP files are the best files not to lose colour hue and sharpness.

I agree with polymath's last post but hope the experts can expand on the info.

  Yimbo 11:00 27 Aug 2011

strong textThanks folks for your help!

I'm going down your route eedcam, with Ifranview. I'm following you, down to the "you can now choose the actual size ...." Using the Edit button gives me no "resize/resample" to set the new size.

Am I mising something? I really appreciate your helpstrong text

  eedcam 12:12 27 Aug 2011

Sorry Yimbo my error once you have the selected area around the face and you have sqeezed teh lines in as much as needed go back to edit >crop selection then go to Image (not edit) and resize /resample will be there

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