Redten Internet Unlimited

  Audeal 19:45 08 Nov 2006

I had this e-mail this evening. I do not normaly open e-mail that I do not know from who it comes, but this one attracted my attention and I took a look at it. It concerned signing up to Redten Internet Unlimited. This is what it is all about.
click here

Does any body have any comments on this great, Fantastic, Brilliant offer. Is it for real, does anybody know anything about it. I am tempted but very weary about it.

All comments welcome.

  Jak_1 19:51 08 Nov 2006

Seem that you would be tied to it for 3 years!!

  skidzy 19:53 08 Nov 2006

Wow what a deal,im sure they have several thousand pc's ready to ship out and with a 19in screen.

Some things in life look so good dont they !!!

Best deleted immediately i reckon Audeal !

  Audeal 19:55 08 Nov 2006

Oh! bovver, I couldn't find that info and I searched everywhere. Three years is a long time, probably need a new pc before that time is up.

Thanks fo the info.

  skidzy 19:59 08 Nov 2006

" How long is the contract for " click here

If using Firefox to view the drop down boxes,make sure your Javascript is enabled.

  Audeal 20:01 08 Nov 2006

I see in the FAQ's that after the first three year contract that should you decide to continue with them they will give you another computer.

This is getting better by the minute.

  modelflyer 20:26 08 Nov 2006

Will I be able to cancel my contract?
Yes, you will. You'll have two options. The first option, which is open to you at any time during your time with Redten, is to return your LG Redten PC and pay an admin and restocking charge of £150. The second is to cancel your contract at any stage by paying a cancellation charge to cover the residual value of the PC, which you'll then be able to keep. If you cancel within the first 12 months of your three-year contract this charge will be £500; between 12 months and 24 months, it will be £400; and between 24 months and 36 months, it will be £250. The cancellation notice period is 6 weeks.

  Dipso 21:23 08 Nov 2006
  Audeal 21:31 08 Nov 2006

Contract is to long and to pricy to cancel.

I have dealt with Watford Electronics for years now but have moved away from their shop in Luton so do not visit them so much.

I will delete this offer and close this thread.

  Stuartli 23:27 08 Nov 2006

I've just had the same e-mail from this company (normally it would be immediately deleted) and I would like to know how it got hold of this particular example of one of my e-mail addresses.

I suspect that my (former) ISP has been selling e-mail address lists (it actually advertises the practice) and I feel that it is not acceptable.

  knockin on 23:58 08 Nov 2006

Is it possible that selling e-mail address lists is commonplace with ISPs? I would have thought it contravenes the Data protection act?
Are you prepared to name the ISP you refer to - I would prefer not to, unwittingly, do business with them.

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