Redshift 5 Install problem

  Sethhaniel 08:32 16 Apr 2007

on this months coverdisk

Followed instructions - went to friends to connect to web to get code from PCA - went home put that in - then it asks to put generated code into click here - so back to friends - and successfully enter and get key code (and even register) back home - enter 'code'

and up pops message 'Invalid Key Code'

been back to site but no help - just another 'key code'

  birdface 09:19 16 Apr 2007

I may be wrong but someone had a problem with cover Disc I think it was about friday,And disc has been formatted in a different way,If I can find it I will post it on here,

  birdface 09:26 16 Apr 2007

click here I dont know if it is the same problem that you have.

  RickyC :-) 10:08 16 Apr 2007

Hi Sethaniel,

I'll email you personally about this. Did the software install correctly with the code you were given on the PC Advisor website?

Did the problem only become apparent when you selected 'Manual Activation' (after registering at PCA) and went to the USM website?

Each reader is provided with a unique code and we've had hundreds of registrations so far. No problems have been reported by any readers other than yourself, so this would appear to be a one-off.

kind regards
Cover Disc Editor

  Sethhaniel 10:23 16 Apr 2007

Yes installed fine and works on my PC (except for extra feature) accepted the PC advisor code OK - but it is the Key code from the german site that when entered comes up as invalid -

The only thing I can think of is that when gettign the code from the friends PC it is someway identifying it with that PC - so when i eenter it on my PC it is not recognised -

  Sethhaniel 10:35 16 Apr 2007

different problem -but thanks all the saame ;)

  Sethhaniel 10:39 16 Apr 2007

Also even though I have installed the full program - it will not run without the cover disk in the drive -

If I take the disk out it just comes up with not validated and ends

  RickyC :-) 11:08 16 Apr 2007

Hi Sethaniel

I would think that the hardware code is related specifically to the hardware of your friend's PC. I will check this with the software developer and let you know what they say.

Regarding the lack of operability when the disc is not in the drive. When you installed the software you had three options, offering to minimise the disc space required or install the entire application on your hard drive. If you have found that the disc needs to be in the drive whenever you use the software, you must have selected the option which uses least disc space.

I believe you can uninstall and reinstall the software on your PC, and select the 'Full installation' option to ensure that you don't need to keep the disc in your drive when using RedShift.



  Sethhaniel 11:24 16 Apr 2007

No I used the Full Install -

from the website
As long as you have not entered a correct code for the activation, you will have to deal with restriction as shown adjoining:

"Activation is required in order to use RedShift 5 without the CD in the drive."

But correct code entered and no joy

  Sethhaniel 11:45 16 Apr 2007

I do not have an Internet connection at home and Redshift5 asks to be activated. The activation process requires an Internet connection. How do I activate it without one.

Your description of the issue relates to you not being able to activate the software because the PC where it is installed does not have Internet access. You can register the software using any computer that is connected to the Internet and take the activation key provided at the end of the process back to the PC where the software is installed. The following steps detail the process:

Step 1: When the activation window appears, type in the key code provided on the sleeve of the CD and select Manual activation. Write down the Hardware Key (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that is displayed. You should cancel the registration process.

Step 2: On a computer with Internet access, go to the website click here
Enter the Hardware Key from Step 1 and select Activate. Write down the Secure Key (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) displayed.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and enter the Secure Key after you select Manual Activation and the process will be complete.

Note 1: Make sure you perform these steps when you are logged-in to the computer with an account with Administrator privileges (if you do not know what this means, you do not need to worry about it).

Note 2: The Hardware and Secure key will use the letter “O” and the number zero. If you do get an error using either key, try substituting the O and zero’s."

I have followed all to the letter without success - so have a new Key to try tonight -
will try a reinstall - but look like it will end up as an uninstalled disk again

  RickyC :-) 12:09 16 Apr 2007

Thanks for your detailed responses, I've contacted the developers about your query and will get back to you as soon as I have news.

It would be a pity to uninstall the software when it appears to be working fine (albeit requiring the disc to remain in the drive when in use). I would suggest that you hold off with the uninstall until either I or the software developers have been able to provide further assistance.


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