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  jayatissa 04:53 20 Dec 2008

When I try to go to log in to gmail account the web browser begins continuously opening several tabs showing redirecting to web page. It only happens when trying to log in to e_mail account. I can go to google page and other trusted sites with out difficulty through google but can not log into email. I use Windows Vista premium 32 bit and Internet Explorere 7 as the browser. I made google as a trusted site. But That did not solve the problem. I will be greateful to any one who could help me to resolve this problem.

  skidzy 08:52 20 Dec 2008

Download and update Mbam click here

Boot into safemode (tapping f8 on startup of the computer) and run mbam.

If no joy,post back.

  jayatissa 02:14 21 Dec 2008

Thank you skidzy. I will try it and let you know the results in few hours.

  jayatissa 02:32 21 Dec 2008

Dear Skidzy, I visited the maban web site and got the software down loaded. I did not run it in my computer yet becos I do not think my problem is due to a virus of malware. It is a new computer and rarely used. I would like to know whether the maban is a free software or not becos I do not have a credit card facility to buy it incase it ask payment during the process. Sorry for bothering. Thank you.

  MAJ 02:37 21 Dec 2008

MBAM is free, jayatissa.

  jayatissa 02:47 21 Dec 2008

Thankyou MAJ.

  jayatissa 04:36 21 Dec 2008

Dear Skidzy, I did the scan as you said. But No Malicious items were detected after successfull completeion of the scan. What would be the next step. Please

  jayatissa 04:47 21 Dec 2008

Dear all, The problem is still there. MBAM could not not find any malware in my computer. Still IE opens several tabs redirecting to web page when I try to log on to gmail. And as a result I can not check my gmails. Thanks in advance for advices.

  skidzy 08:55 21 Dec 2008

can you download Firefox browser and install click here

Then goto Gmail and try to open the account you still get the multiple web pages ?

If not,we can address IE.

Do you know what the redirected pages contain ?

If this happens in Firefox,i am assuming you have a bad email that is executing the redirections but this will only happen if you have actually logged into the Gmail account.

Can you post a screenshot of the multiple pages ?

In your Vista start box,type SNIPPING,this will bring up the Snipping tool that allows you to create a box around the entire screen.
Save this to your pictures and then goto Imageshack click here and select upload (follow the prompts)
This will give you several url addresses select one (right click and copy) come back here and (ctrl + v) in the response box.

We can then see whats on your screen.

Failing all this run Superantispyware click here (free) again run in safemode after updating.

  jayatissa 16:56 21 Dec 2008

Dear skidzy,
The problem comes when trying to log on to gmail account with my new computer. The e-mails can be checked with out any difficulty with any other XP computers. It proves that there is no harmful e-mail trying to access the laptop. I strongly belive that the installing firefox would not solve this in this circumstance. I will post you screen shots showing redirecting pages of IE in few minutes. Thank you.

  jayatissa 17:43 21 Dec 2008

I have the scree shot. But do not know how to up load it to a location you can access it.

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