redirected to windows update. question

  hugh-265156 23:59 20 Jun 2004

hi folks i don't have a problem as such but this just happened again and I'm curious to know why now, as its happened a few times before.

i have xp home and its kept totally all up to date. i check for and download windows updates manually and have everything available to date installed (apart from journal viewer) my connection is via ntl bb and my home page is set to google. i also have adaware ,spybot etc also up to date.

every now and again when i click on the internet explorer desktop shortcut icon to have a browse or if I'm opening a new window to search google for example i am re directed to the windows update site for some reason.

any ideas as to why this might happen please?

just curious ta.

  woodchip 00:16 21 Jun 2004

MS as put some kind of file on your comp that may override the manual settings

  THE TERMINATOR 00:24 21 Jun 2004

You say that you click on a desktop shortcut icon? Right click on this icon and choose properties. Click on the shortcut tab and you will see a START IN box, this may be redirecting you, make sure it says %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% in this box....TT

  hugh-265156 00:27 21 Jun 2004

lol surely you jest?

i was thinking it may be a feature of xp i overlooked.

there seems to be no set pattern to when this happens and the last time was a few days ago, before that it was a few months back. i have no scheduled tasks set, very few services running and auto updates disabled.

as above it can happen from clicking the ie shortcut on the desktop or if im opening a new window while already browsing another page.

  hugh-265156 00:30 21 Jun 2004


not you THE TERMINATOR thought woodchip was pulling my leg lol

  hugh-265156 00:36 21 Jun 2004

THE TERMINATOR, right clicking the internet explorer icon on the drsktop/properties brings up the 'tools/internet options' dialogue box because its not a shortcut.

if i create a shortcut to this i can view its properties. target is 'internet explorer' and start in is blank.

as above this has happened about 4 times in this past six months. it doesnt happen all the time.

  ventanas 08:26 21 Jun 2004

This also happens to me at home at about the same rate (using XP Pro on dialup). All I can think of is something built into IE to check the update site every so often. Never happened at work though (bb).

Just checked the Start in box here, and it says exactly what The Terminator says it should, so I will have a look at home tonight. Like huggyg71 I am curious about this.

  GrahamP 10:58 21 Jun 2004

huggy71, what does your Hosts/Lmhosts file say?


I know it doesn't sound like it because it only happens intermittently but maybe worth checking.

Also Hijack This, if you've not already used it, has let me spot a couple of things missed by Adaware and Spybot.

  hugh-265156 23:55 21 Jun 2004

thanks folks. my hosts file looks ok to me: # source server # x client host localhost

  hugh-265156 12:42 22 Jun 2004


  hugh-265156 16:40 23 Jun 2004


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