RedHat Linux 8.0 (Psyche) modem setup

  TheMightyBubba 11:01 14 Jan 2003
  TheMightyBubba 11:01 14 Jan 2003

I have an Advent 6412 laptop with a Smart Link HAMR56k modem. I have recently installed RedHat Linux 8.0 (running KDE) and trying desparately to get on the net. I'm very new to Linux so forgive me for sounding stupid. Linux will not detect any modems on my system, but looking at the ports it is detecting it's presence there. I have tried setting up the modem manually, and found that /dev/s0 and /dev/s1 pick up the modem. On the modem query, it runs through ATI 1 - 7 and says the modem is ready. However, when I try to connect, I get the message "Initialising Modem" and the system hangs. I have tried making the device active but to no avail. Help!

  Taran 12:43 14 Jan 2003

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Effectively, if you want a modem to use with Linux you need a hardware modem.

Most internal modems are Winmodems; software emulation imitates hardware processing.

This emulation requires CPU/Windows instructions to work.

Since linux works in an entirely different manner it doesn't normally work at all with internal modems. This is being addressed slowly with some interesting driver releases, but in general, you need a hardware modem to use Linux on the web.

  TheMightyBubba 13:27 14 Jan 2003

Thanks Taran. I've downloaded a few drivers so I'll give them a try when I get home from work. One thing concerns me though - I've put them on Windows formatted disks, will RedHat be able to get at the .tar files?

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