Redering problem on PCA with Firefox

  octal 08:21 14 Dec 2007

I've just noticed a strange rendering problem on PCA when I view in Firefox in Linux, the text below the title Helproom is all squashed up on the left hand side, here's a screen shot: click here

This is a screen shot of Opera: click here which looks OK.

And this is Konqueror: click here which also looks OK.

And for good luck this is Flock which is built on the Firefox base: click here

I wonder if it's just my version of Firefox or if it's a general oddity with Firefox

  woodchip 09:24 14 Dec 2007

It will be a bug in Firefox

  octal 09:33 14 Dec 2007

Are you getting the same then? You haven't mentioned. It would help if you did so I can find out if it's just me or a general problem, if its a general problem I wait till they fix it, if it's just me then I'll investigate further, thank you.

  woodchip 09:38 14 Dec 2007

No but that is my assumption on you using it in Linux. I think the main OS they work toward is Windows, So would think they will sort that first. As this challengers IE

  woodchip 09:41 14 Dec 2007

PS it could also be a Web page Problem Using Firefox and PCA in Linux, as PCA as still got lots of problems with errors poping up on my screen. Mostly when using My postings

  I am Spartacus 09:42 14 Dec 2007

I'm not seeing that at the moment but I did see it in version 9. I assumed it was because I was either AdBlocking or because I'd changed the default font size in Firefox on the Content tab.

  birdface 10:22 14 Dec 2007

I must be looking at the wrong thing.But they all look the same to me.

  birdface 10:24 14 Dec 2007

Tried again and can see no difference in any of them.

  MAJ 10:39 14 Dec 2007

This is the difference, buteman. click here

  birdface 11:15 14 Dec 2007

Many thanks for that.I was to busy looking under Helproom on the left hand side column that I totally missed that one.probably to early in the morning for me.

  octal 11:31 14 Dec 2007

I did try turning off ad blocking because that was my first thought, but it's still the same.

You posted at 10:22, had a good night last night then? :D

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