red x instead of a picture?

  User-6355CE8D-1E97-4543-833893AA7598EA5F 14:27 27 Dec 2003

is this a setting fault? sometimes if I right click the mouse then click on show picture it appears...

  rickf 14:41 27 Dec 2003

Download Macromedia Flash Player from their site. Do a search in Google. I can remember the URL right now.

  bretsky 14:50 27 Dec 2003

Sorry its a bit long winded but I got this from an article in pca.

What is Java and what is an applet? If I had them would it mean that instead of blank squares with a red cross in the top corner I’d see a picture or video when I surf the web? If so, where can I get it?

Java is a programming language. It is implemented on just about every computing platform, so is often used to write programs that will run on more than one specific type of computer.
Applets are small programs that are designed to run in a web browser, they are only useful when incorporated as part of a web page. Applications, on the other hand run all on their own.
An absence of Java might be the cause of images or videos failing to appear. However, this could equally be caused by security settings. An ad blocker, a faulty bit of equipment somewhere between you and the image file in question, or a mistake in a web page a more common result of not having Java is an inability to navigate some websites or use many online shops or banking applications.
If you aren’t sure whether your browser has Java installed, you can find out by visiting a test site. Go to click here and it will tell whether Java is installed and which version it is.
Java implementations are called JVMs (Java Virtual Machines). If you have the Microsoft JVM then there are several different builds. Later. ones have fewer bugs (hopefully) and security problems. To find out which build you have, open a command prompt window and type the command view, The build number is the last four digits on the first line of output. The most recent build at the time of writing was 3810. If you have an earlier build you should update it using Windows Update.
If you don’t have Java installed at all then you have a problem. Microsoft is no longer supplying Java with Windows XP due to a legal dispute with Sun Microsystems, which owns Java, and if you don’t have a Microsoft JVM of any sort on your computer. You can’t use Windows Update to update it.
One solution is to visit the Java Download Links site at click here, which has links to various older versions on other sites. You can install one of these and then update it to the latest version using Windows Update.
Java is a key internet technology and if you make much use of the web at all you really need it. The issues regarding Microsoft and Java and the recent suggestions that Microsoft may cease development of the standalone version of Internet Explorer make it a good time to think about switching to an alternative web browser.
A good choice would be the excellent Mozilla Firebird, Download this free, open-source project from click here.

Good luck................... bretsky;0)

  PcDummies 14:50 27 Dec 2003

Try and empty your temp internet files, this may stop the problem

pcDummies,tried that one...
rickf,got that..
bretsky,don't worry about the long winded bit,it's the outcome that counts (sorted)
thanks to all...

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