Red text on my eBay

  Drum 10:43 02 Mar 2011

Hello everyone, I've come across a strange problem recently I hope you can help me with.

I've got several computers at home, ... a laptop running W7 64 bit and IE9 beta, a PC running Vista with IE7, and the computer I use most which runs W XP and IE6.

On my XP computer when I go to my eBay after logging in, and look at the summary page, everything looks fine initially, until I click on some of the tabs and then return to the main summary page showing activity.

Then there are red boxes everywhere, with red warning triangles and red text that says... "you did not select any items" on all the itemised parts of the page, e.g. buying reminders, selling reminders, watch list, bidding, offers, etc. and no matter how much I try I can't get rid of these warning triangles or red text.
The page isn't formatted correctly either, and there's a yellow warning triangle at the bottom left corner of my screen which says error on page.

My other two computers show the same page perfectly.

I've done a malware scan which comes up with nothing, and I've deleted all my temporary Internet files, cookies, and offline content, reset Internet Explorer, but can't get rid of this red text.
I was thinking of updating IE6 to IE9, but see this is not compatible with XP.

Any ideas ?

  Nontek 11:33 02 Mar 2011

Hmm, I am wondering if it could be a variant of the problem shown in this link, which also results in Red text everywhere ...

click here

  northumbria61 13:11 02 Mar 2011

"I was thinking of updating IE6 to IE9, but see this is not compatible with XP"

You could update XP to Internet Explorer 8 - I think this would be your best bet - click here

  Terry Brown 15:43 02 Mar 2011

It could be because you are using IE6, which is now obsolete, download and run IE7 click here
This should cure the problem.


  Terry Brown 15:46 02 Mar 2011

I think my previous may have been an update. This is the full version.
click here

Don't forget to load the service packs as well.


  lotvic 16:12 02 Mar 2011

similar problem to this thread click here who was also using IE6, an update to IE8 cured the eBay display problem.

  Drum 16:36 02 Mar 2011

Thanks for your input folks much appreciated.
I don't know what to make of this, but I downloaded and updated Internet Explorer with version 8 from the posted link, and after a restart I instantly got a problem with IE8, which said that an HP add-on I had was not compatible, (HP PC) and could cause the program to crash. There was a button to select run without using this add on, so I clicked that.

Then navigating to " my eBay " via Google there was no red text on the summary page now, but the word "error" appeared numerous times, and the page formatting was all over the place with text over printed on top of other text, and the page was just a shambles.

I have to say that my anti virus is out of date, but I'm not too worried about this as I have Norton GoBack. I don't think this is a virus issue anyway, it just seems to be a formatting problem.


  northumbria61 21:05 02 Mar 2011

There's a possibility that there are "remnants" of IE6 left over. Check to see click here I would remove ALL versions of IE and reinstall IE8 - any problems removing use Revo Uninstaller from here click here;1

  Drum 10:02 03 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link northumbria61, is there any way to reinstall or repair IE6 ?

  lotvic 11:09 03 Mar 2011

Tricking Windows into letting you reinstall IE6 click here

  Drum 11:22 04 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link lotvic. I downloaded and installed Errortech, which found 2665 errors after a scan. This I found surprising as CCleaner found nothing!
It only fixed three issues, but didn't tell me which those were, and at the moment I'm reluctant to register and buy the product.

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