Red Pixels Running down screen.

  M4RT1NL 18:29 01 Dec 2007

Basically i would like to ask what is causing this. I think i have managed to root it down to either a wiring problem or faulty pixles.

i narrowed the options down by taking a screenshot of my desktop whilst the red line was showing and it didn't appear on that soooo, that should mean that it is a hardware fault and it's not software that is causing the problem?

the main cause i believe is down to a loosened wire as the line down the screen is not permament but only there when the at certain angles and when i move the screen it disappears/reappears.

this is very annoying as my laptop and the things i use on it mainly have dark backrounds making it stand out unbearably, or i have to sit at an uncomfortable angle with it, any quick fixes would be appreciated as i wish to avoid the hefty prices charged by repair shops.


  crosstrainer 18:31 01 Dec 2007

Your graphics card and operaqting system?...sounds like a driver issue to me.

  M4RT1NL 18:33 01 Dec 2007

Windows XP

graphics card is ati mobility radeon 9700 64 mb, i've had the laptop for over 1 year now, this has never happened before and i updated the drivers a few months ago

  M4RT1NL 18:48 01 Dec 2007

Also another question,

Can i remove a partition without actually losing all the files on the drives i am joining? and how so? Tyvm

  crosstrainer 18:56 01 Dec 2007

New drivers for your card first:

click here

Merging partitions can be done, but bear in mind that the 2nd may well contain your system backup including your os.

  M4RT1NL 19:00 01 Dec 2007

i cant install catalyst, i tried a couple months back and it doesnt work.

i suppose i might have to take it to the shop. i'm still sure that it isnt a driver or software problem if the line isn't showing up on screenshots. although i'm not sure

  crosstrainer 19:04 01 Dec 2007

Download the new drivers.

Then, uninstall the old ones

Then shut down, re-boot (when asked about new hardware click cancel)

Install new drivers and re-boot as asked

If this fails, I would suspect a faulty graphics chip...As these are on board they are not an economic repair.

  M4RT1NL 19:08 01 Dec 2007

how do i uninstall old drivers again sorry?

  crosstrainer 19:12 01 Dec 2007

Then go to add remove programmes, scroll through the list until you fin the ati display driver entry click this to remove.

  M4RT1NL 19:28 01 Dec 2007

i had the latest driver so that was a waste of time and it's still there. anything else that could be causing this?

  crosstrainer 19:31 01 Dec 2007

Your Screen, or the graphics chip itself....Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if it's either of these, unlikely to be an economic repair. Take it back to the retailer, and get a (free) quote..all I can think of unless anyone else?

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