red nose dvds don't put in pc

  Jade 14 G 15:18 01 Apr 2007

Why the title is about the red nose dvds is because l bought one , put it in pc last night at 8 and the picture was small so clicked enlarge and that was the end of usi g my pc till
2-45 today.
Wanted to ask you if l cold now done it better, what happened when l enlarged the dvd was my task bar just shot up the right side of screen and icons for programs were all across the bottom., mouse only wanted to go across, l dragged the task bar down to the bottom but icons that are normally up the left side were above the dragged taskbar at the bottom and spyware terminater was flashig up lots of screens saying settings were altered and did l want terminater to put right, clicked yes but still kept flashing up so in the end went to add and remove and got them out as thouht l could alwa put it in when ;l got other stuff sorted , as every thing on screen was wrong and couldn't get help l twisted sideways and with a struggle got controle panel and system restore which l used but nothing happened so did it twice more and the screen came right and terminater is back,is that right after l removed it. But could not get online.
I tried so many times then all of a sudden half an hour ago it worked but keyboard would not work and no lights were on it, tried another keyboard and it was the same so just left it and as l can not get anyone out here anytime was thinking were can l get another pc paying over 2 years not 6 lke pc world.
Then as the last resort l switched it all off pulled the plug out and after 30 ins put it back on and everything was working including the keyboard.
Can you tell me if theres a better and qicker way if the screen does it again and what do l do about spyware termanator as it had been installed but the 3rd systom restore brought it back,
ut couldnot gt online.

  p;3 16:14 01 Apr 2007

dare I ask from where you obtained the dvd and did you scan it first with everything you have on board ( what DO you have on board?) before you tried to run it?

  Jade 14 G 16:22 01 Apr 2007

My son bought it from Woolworths for me and l am sorry to say i did not scan it.
The screen going like it did happened once to my friend and she got someone she knew to get it right by clicking in a empty space but couldn't remember the rest but if l knew and it happened again l would know without spending hours trying to get it right.
Will it be ok to use the Spyware terminater software as it had been removed in the middle of it all going on as it would not stop flashing screens up that you could not close.

  p;3 16:27 01 Apr 2007

if that were my computer I would scan it with everything I have in my arsenal to see if I have picked up a nasty; what do you have protection wise on the pc and are you dial up or BB?

  p;3 20:08 01 Apr 2007

I presume the comp is now off line due to its mishaps

  Jade 14 G 22:26 02 Apr 2007

I have scaned it and no virus three spyware came up but my friend told someone and l have just had the longest email in my life on what to do, it would take me days to do it all.
With termatiter still with me in name only l just did not know if l should download it again or go for something like spybot.
Its working fine today.
One thing l want to say was 2 weeks ago l had a cd on media player and was told l could download to a newer one which l did and when it finished it said it was the vista player, its been fine playing cds but this was the first time had played a dvd,so wondered if this had something to do with it.

  p;3 22:37 02 Apr 2007

if you are willing to try this lot

click here

click here

click here

click here

all free and all I use ; see if any of them throw up anything exciting

and what av program is on board? (cannot see it named anywhere!!)

  Jade 14 G 23:06 02 Apr 2007

Thanks a lot, will have a go tomorrow, l have avg as was told on here only one anti virus and you can have more spyware

  p;3 23:15 02 Apr 2007

yep; only one antivirus program per pc ; see how those scans get on; if needed you can be directed to a specialist forum to check the pc more thoroughly for its cleanliness

happy scanning !!

you could I guess see if system restore has a restore point available?

I also was going to suggest yellow enveloping me with that stack of instruction you were sent, but really NOT as the risk of infection is too great; you could if you wish post it on here in batches? BUT if you do , make sure ALL private info is kept OFF forum

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