"red" light on Router, no connection...

  KorgY 14:28 28 Nov 2008


This morning, I started my pc up as normal, but the router of my (belkin G) has a red light showing on the frar right. (with the internet icon), can't seem to connect to the intyernet now, and i have a desktop and laptop as well - and neither work.

I have reset my router, but the red lighht remains. ASnd idea what this could be? do routers just "go" on you?



  Technotiger 14:42 28 Nov 2008

Hi, by 'reset' I guess you mean that you have pressed a reset button, if so try this - disconnect the power to the router, wait a full ten seconds then re-connect the power. Might make a difference.

  KorgY 14:42 28 Nov 2008

Sorry, I meant to add that my server is Tiscali, and was wondering if they have "cut me off"? - perhaps - or there servers are down?


  colberly 16:31 28 Nov 2008

Tiscali servers are fine here. On a couple of occasions when this has happened to me,I have had to uninstall and reinstall the router, after trying everything else. I don't have a Belkin though, mine's a Netgear. Maybe worth a try with yours.

  Halmer 16:46 28 Nov 2008

until I had spoken to Tiscali just to make sure that it isn't them.

  Technotiger 18:17 28 Nov 2008

Have you tried my suggestion as above?

  KorgY 22:38 28 Nov 2008


Yes tried all suggeestions above. Now, however, the light works on the router, and i am able to get "LAN Connection" - as i write on my laptop at the moment. But when i take the lan cable out,it doesn't carry on "connecting", it either cuts off, or "connected with lomited acess"

So i've established that it's not a hardware fault i don't think, but i've reset the router, done all the passwords etc - as I've done in the past, but stillcan't get wireless to work. It doesn't work on my desktop either (that has a Netgear wireless adapter) so not sure what it is.



  KorgY 22:42 28 Nov 2008

sorry meant to add I'm on Windows Vista 32 on my laptop, and XP pro (32) on my desktop. On my laptop it says (when i hover my mouse over the connection box on bottum right) "Belkin54g Access local and internet"


  woodchip 23:40 28 Nov 2008

Looks like you need to Reset your Wireless Encryption Key and SSID in the router setup page, then use these for wireless Computer settings

  KorgY 00:09 29 Nov 2008


I sorted it now. What it was, is that (somehow) I got two SSID's trying to connect at the same time, one was "unidentified network" - but still had the SSID name "Belking54g", my other was the same, "Belkin54g", BUT it was the one that should have been connecting, so a SSID with possibly a Different IP was tryin to connect - not sure.

Thanks all for the input,



  woodchip 12:29 29 Nov 2008

You need to delete the one you do not use

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